Where To Visit In Kimanjaro

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 In Kimanjaro , you will see Africa from another perspective, hike through the mountains foothills, experience the stark beauty of the surroundings and even try to conquer the mountain when you climb it. Even if you are not the daring tourists who cannot climb, there are lots of tourists activities you can be involved around this huge mountain. For lovers, this place can be a bliss destination for their honeymoon, camping for groups and there is no type of tourist that Kimanjaro does not have a spot for.

Major Attractions In Kimanjaro

There are lots of animals from the mountainside like the elephants, monkeys and many others.  A trek to the mountain summit can be an eye opener to you. You would be enticed with the array of the wildlife and stunned by the mountain’s gorgeous scenery. From the Uhuru Peak, you are rewarded by some amazing views.


You can take a game drive or wildlife tours on the lemosho route, this trip can take you two to three days to have that adventure you may be itching for. The natural waterfalls such as the Kinukamori waterfalls and Materuni waterfalls are some lovely places to be. A visit to these Kilimanjaro waterfalls would give you a direct contact with the monkeys,, wild animals and birds.

The volcanic lakes that are seen at the slopes of the mount are some attractive places to be.  If you would not want to visit the volcanic Lake Chala, you can do many things too.  The camel safaris are something you may love to embark upon. Apart from the camel safaris, there is the horse riding safaris and wildlife viewing that you can enjoy.

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You should ensure that you have enough water to stay hydrate on the mountain during your trip here. This is very important. The food here is great and there are nightclubs with the local artistes to make your night time exciting here.

Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)

Kilimanjaro International Airport serves Moshi and Arusha and facilitates Tanzania’s tourism to great places like the Arusha National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. The airport has dubbed itself the "Gateway to Africa's Wildlife Heritage". In 2012, it served 665,147 passengers.

Kimanjaro climb

Hotels And Accommodation

Kimanjaro offers tourists great hotels and accommodation packages, starting with the budget hotels to the five star hotels where you can make use of Limo and other luxury facilities.

Car Hire Services

There are lots of vehicles you can make use of from the Limousine services to the sedan cars.

 Best Time To Visit Kimanjaro

January and February are Kimanjaro’s  warmest months, April and May are the wettest months, June and July are the coolest months, and August and September are the driest months. January, February, and September are considered to be the best months to climb  the  Mount Kilimanjaro.




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