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Why You Should Visit Kigoma

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Kigoma is a little town that has all that tourists from around the world would ever wish for. It is perfectly situated on Lake Tanganyika which opens Tanzania’s door to tourism.  There is the Gombe Stream National Park for those who love beautiful places on earth. It is a good place to relax with family members because it is not a bustling metropolis that may be maimed by noise. In Kigoma, you can hear the sounds of birds, catch butterflies and swim along with the locals.

The Safari is one of the places you can find tourists who are coming to Tanzania.  The Mahale Mountains National Park and the Gombe Stream National Park is where the activities begin.  There are lots of wild chimpanzees here and the settings are stunning.  These parks offer you an opportunity to see the big primates in their natural environment.


A visit to the Katavi National Park, which is a giant park is where you can find the big five cats including the cheetah and wild dogs.  You can go for a sailing on Lake Tanganyika on a boat trip. There are lots of boats to charter when you are here.


The village of Ujiji which is some distance from the town center of Kigoma is where you would  meet the history of the country. It was here that the Stanley met Livingstone in 1871, and quickly exclaimed: ‘Dr. Livingstone, I presume’.

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The bustling local market would give you access to buying local beads and other art works at an affordable price. Coffee is something that you may not want to miss when you here especially at the Russian Coffe place or ‘Kijiwe cha Urusi’. Food is great here especially the sea foods. The Mgebuka and Dagga are something you may not miss on your places. These are fishes that are specially prepared for you.

Kigoma Airport is the airport that is situated in the East area of Ujiji , Tanzania. It serves the people of Kigoma. Currently, the government of the country is planning to improve this airport. There are car hire services that would help you make your trip around Kigoma.

Kigoma market

Kigoma has a lot of exciting locations where visitors can use as a getaway for their holidays and tourism.  Accommodation has been made affordable with different luxury hotels and  budget hotels that visitors can make use of.

You can make use of any vehicle when hiring vehicle from Kigoma Airport.  There are taxi services which are cheap, however, if you are new to the city, it is advised you make use of any of car hire services.


Best Time To Visit Kigoma

Best time to visit the park is during the dry season in May -October. This is the time that a lot of visitors are seen coming to the city. You can have the fun and excitement you ever desire if you visit the city.





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