Beach Holiday Thailand

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beach holiday ThailandWhen we talk about holidays, the first thing we think about is fun. And a Beach is a perfect place to have fun. I love beach holidays.  I have seen hundreds of beaches around the world; but the beaches of Thailand take the fun of beach holidays to another level.  Last month I visited Thailand for the third time with my girlfriend. Although it was my third time in Thailand, yet it was very unique and special. We visited almost every beach of Thailand.

 Mother Nature has blessed Thailand with abundant natural beauty. Our journey started from the Ko Phi Phi Don Island which is the largest island among the Phi Phi Islands of Thailand. This island comes under Krabi Province. It is the only Island of Thailand with permanent inhabitants. It’s a splendid non-volcanic island made up of limestone. The beauty of this island could inspire a poet to write thousands of poems for it. The picturesque beauty of this pleasant island would make you feel proud of your decision to spend holidays in Thailand. There are many splendid beaches and water bodies to chill out. You could choose your place as per your choice.

We started exploring this beautiful island from Bamboo Island. We hired a boat to reach there. It’s a gorgeous beach with wonderful surroundings. It was great to sit under palm trees and watch the crystal clear water, lovely white sand and beautiful surroundings. It’s a great place to walk with your girlfriend. The beauty of this place would make your walk memorable. We spent some good time on this small and beautiful island. Then we felt like doing snorkeling. I had heard about the Mosquito Island which is just opposite to Bamboo Island. I decided to go there and enjoy snorkeling. It took us about 40 minutes to reach there. We enjoyed snorkeling. There were a very few people around us. It was a great time for us because we enjoyed the beauty of this island with better privacy. I highly recommend both Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island to all. It would be best start to your beach holidays in Thailand.

Maya Bay is another famous beach of Phi Phi Islands. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Thailand. The famous Hollywood movie ‘Beach’ starring Leonardo Di caprio was shot on Maya Beach. If you have watched this movie then it will add to beach holiday Thailandyour interest to explore Maya Beach. This is a fabulous beach. But make sure to visit here early because as the sun goes up, this place starts to become crowded. Numerous tourist visit Maya Beach every day. No beach holiday in Thailand is complete without having the magical experience of Maya Beach. Make sure to visit this splendid beach when you go to Thailand.

Ko Phi Phi Le is another magic of Phi Phi Islands. This place is just like heaven. This place would absorb your mind and soul in its miraculous beauty. The scenic beauty of this place was breathtaking. It’s a great place for snorkeling and scuba diving. I enjoyed my ever best experience of scuba diving at this place however my girlfriend did not try it. I could feel hundreds of fishes kissing my feet. Some fishes were kissing my cheeks also. It was a life time experience. You must visit Ko Phi Phi le. You would get to earn some magical moments of your life.

Apart from visiting the famous beaches, we also discovered a beach where you won’t find so many people. It is Ton Sai Beach. It’s really a hidden pearl of the ocean. When we visited this beach, there was no one around. The surroundings of this beach were stunning. We enjoyed this beauty and our privacy as well. Our walk on this fantastic beach was memorable. We walked till the end of the beach. If you are looking to spend some quality time with your partner then this is the perfect place for you. Do not forget to take some food and water with you because there are no shops around this beach.

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beach holiday Thailand

After exploring all the beautiful beaches of Ko Phi Phi Don Island, we visited Ko Lanta which is another gorgeous Island of Thailand. This Island is blessed with unmatched natural splendor. The first place we visited in this Island was Ku Jum Beach. This beach is a serene paradise. You would love to get lost in the peace and calm of this majestic beach. The surroundings of this beach are magnificent. This beach is highly recommended! This beach would give you the real joy of Thailand. I would definitely plan my fourth trip to Thailand to visit this paradise again.

Kantiang Bay is another beautiful Beach in the lap of Ko Lanta Island. It is very quiet and beautiful. There are some breathtaking rock formations and splendid views of hills around this bay. You would definitely appreciate the beauty of this beach. Just add this place to your ‘must do’ in Thailand. Long Beach is another splendid beach situated in Ko Lanta. This beach beach holiday Thailanddoes not remain crowded so; you could enjoy the beauty of this beach at the fullest. This beach is very long and you could enjoy walking on the seashore for miles. This beach is dotted with many restaurants. You could also see numerous shells and corals on the beautiful white sand of this beach which add to the beauty of this beach. We really enjoyed the time on this beach. I would surely recommend it to all.

The sun was about to set and we did not want to miss the awesome sunset view. We rushed to Lanta Klong Nin Beach. This beach is known for the spectacular views of sunset. We reached there at time and enjoyed the beauty of sunset. It was probably the most splendid sunset view that I have ever seen. This is the best place to enjoy the beauty of sunset. You must visit Lanta Klong Nin Beach to enjoy amazing sunsets. This was the last beach of Ko Lanta where we visited. Ko Lanta made our beach holidays really memorable.

Next day, we headed to Koh Phangan Islands. This marvelous Island is popular for its full moon night parties. The nights of this Island are exceptionally beautiful. And at day time you could enjoy the lovely looks of the beaches of this Island. Numerous coconut trees add to the beauty of this Island. The most adventurous thing we enjoyed on this Island was Wall Diving. If you love diving, you must visit Sailrock to enjoy the thrilling experience of wall diving. There are many fabulous beaches on this Island. First of all, we visited Salad Beach. This beach is an authentic bliss. You must add this beach to your ‘must do’ in Thailand.

Koh Nang Yuan is another gem of Koh Phangan. It’s a great beach with some really superb surroundings. The experience of this beach would remain in your minds for years. It was great to see many colorful fishes in the blue water. We also enjoyed diving. You must visit this paradise when you go to Thailand. This place would add beauty to your beach holidays. Our last destination in Thailand was Hat Rin. We enjoyed the superb sunset views on this beach. Koh Phangan is famous for its full moon night parties. We were lucky because we were there on a full moon night. We enjoyed a full moon night party on this fabulous beach. It was the best night of my life. Moon light was kissing the water surface and the surroundings of the beach. This was a breathtaking view. Only this could be the perfect climax to our wonder beach holidays.

Well, that was all about my beach holidays in Thailand. The time we spent in Thailand was really wonderful. We are planning another beach holiday in Thailand. If you are planning a beach holiday then Thailand is the perfect place. You would love the beaches of Thailand.


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