Bus Ticket From Bangkok To Krabi

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Bangkok’s Temple of Dawn or the Wat Arun is definitely worth a visit and can be reached via ferry ride across the river.

Bus Ticket From Bangkok To Krabi


Krabi’s Tiger Cave Temple or the Wat Tham Suea is one of the famous temples in Thailand that is located on top of the mountain and with a great view of the city.

Here are the available modes of transport from Bangkok to Krabi.

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Bus Ticket From Bangkok To Krabi

The distance between Bangkok to Krabi is 778 km. To reach the city of Krabi from Bangkok, take the Transport Company bus. The travel time is 11 hours and the ticket can be purchased for US$28. To learn more, visit: https://12go.asia/en/travel/bangkok/krabi?z=3481

A long drive is another option; the travel time is ten hours.

Bus Ticket From Bangkok To Krabi

Train Ticket From Bangkok To Krabi

To reach Bangkok to Trabi by railway transport, take the State Railway of Thailand (Southern Line) that is bound from Bangkok to Surat Thani station. From here, take the scheduled Phantip Travel Bus that is bound to the city of Krabi. The total travel time is 14 hours. To get the details, timetables, and latest fares, check: http://www.railway.co.th/home/

Airplane Ticket From Bangkok To Krabi

There are two commercial and international airlines that cover the Bangkok to Krabi flight route; Bangkok and Thai Airways. The travel time (non-stop) is one hour and 20 minutes. The scheduled flights are all available daily and the plane ticket price ranges from US$56 to US$141. 

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