Holidays In Thailand

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holidays in thailandGoing for holidays in Thailand has always been exciting because this is one nation that offers endless possibilities in its many destinations. In fact, Thailand usually takes adventure a notch higher through outdoor activities like cave abseiling, climbing the stunning limestone and kayaking among others. Last year, my friend and I went for our holidays in Thailand for the third time but in a different location. Having been to Bangkok and Pattaya during our first two visits to Thailand, we settled for Koh Tao this time round. This island that is drifting serenely in Thailand’s gulf is popular for its amazing number of sea turtles that are found in the shores,  the white sandy beaches at the foot of hills and so much more. What is even exciting about this Island is the fact that this Island receives the sun for nearly 300 days making the afternoons ideal for lounging during holidays.

We spent most of our five days on holiday enjoying the outdoors of Koh Tao that is particularly dotted with numerous beautiful beaches and other great spots. One of the beaches that we visited is Sai Nuan Beach. This is a place that you must go to while in Thailand especially if you are interested in a place to chill out. while here, you can simply enjoy relaxing over as you pass time. Even then, getting there by road is a bit of a challenge thus you will do well to consider accessing it by a boat ride.

The other must visit place in Thailand is Grounded Koh Tao’s wellbeing centre that is a very nice and peaceful place for outdoor yoga. This place boasts of a gorgeous outdoor area with mats laid out. It was so interesting to be welcomed with some tea. We had never done yoga before and so we gave it a try while here by paying up for three lessons a day. The instructors here are quite flexible and able to adjust to your wishes and level. The only challenge is the presence of mosquitoes that can interrupt your yoga sessions but this has been taken care of with a repellant that is provided. Ultimately, you must be prepared to do some stretches. The staff at Grounded are upbeat, relaxed and phenomenal while the entire experience left me feeling better whenever I walked.

holidays in thailandWe also went to Aow Leuk Bay that is another lovely place for chilling out even though it does not have golden sand. There is also a big beach here as well as two resorts that are not too crowded making it a great place to relax. While here, we were able to see bigger waves that are attributed to the rocks as well as bay and these make it great playing within the swells. We took a number of photos here as well as watched divers doing what they love to do at the dive site. This bay is also a great place for snorkeling. After spending hours marveling at the beauty of this bay and feeling one with nature, we concluded by settling down for a meal at a restaurant that is at the beach. We could not leave without taking some fresh coconut shakes that are unbeatable on this island.

Koh Tao Bowling and Mini-Gold is another great place that you must visit for some real fun. We enjoyed several rounds of mini-golf with breaks of drinks as well as tasty meals from the Hacienda Bar and Grill that is tucked away within the beautiful gardens. The fajitas we ate here are to doe for and you can be sure you will not need anything else once you taste them. The entire experience was nothing but great fun. The idyllic garden has 18 holes that make up this unique bowling court in the backdrop of a serene atmosphere. I strongly recommend that you do not miss this spot especially if you are on holidays in Thailand in the company of friends because you will love everything from the bridges, the course, obstacles and even the animals.

Another great place to hang out while in Koh Tao is the Ao Tanote beach whose reef is alive and has a lot of color. There is so much fish here that swim close to people as if they are curious about them. This is in fact one of the favorite places in Koh Tao as it also more quiet and very scenic. The cluster of rocks that jut out of the middle of this bay are such a great centre piece besides creating a great snorkeling location. Ao Tanote is ideal for people who are seeking to get away from partying but are keen on swimming, soaking in the sun as well as enjoying some drinks. even then, you need to brace yourself to navigate through the slippery road especially during the rainy season.

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We also went to the beautiful Jansom Bay that has white sand that is particularly great for kids because it seldom experiences currents. Moreover, the water here is shallow and clear. Even then, we had to pay some admission fee because this beach is privately owned so you can expect some privacy. We enjoyed a short walk along this bay even though there were many people on this bay.

holidays in thailandTo make the most of our time in Thailand, we booked a day with Goodtime Adventures who took us through a number of exciting activities ranging from bouldering and rock climbing, wakeboarding, cliff jumping, snorkeling, speed boat scuba diving and of course boat cruising. This was complimented by some great western food served at the Goodtime Beach Café alongside some funky tunes. I definitely recommend this company as they have some certified divers who are keen on ensuring your safety in the midst of all the fun. We also went on an evening sailing trip by the Island Cruises Sailing company where we also had an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sun setting son after a tour of the marine national park that was a first of its kind for me.

We both love partying and our evenings were as busy as they day. We went to the three main clubs in Koh Tao that I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves to party. We first went to The Castle, a spectacular venue that is quite magical with some of the best DJ’s you can ever find in the land as they literally brought the house down. In fact, the clubbing experience here is at a whole new level. There are multiple bars here with a balcony as well as great visual graphics coupled with great smoke effects. The DJs had the best Tech as well as house mixes together with other genres that kept the crowd going. The other amazing clubbing spot is Lotus Beach Bar that that offers free pool and a great live DJ dance floor right at the beach front. The party here keeps going till there is also great visual variety here to compliment the entertainment. The third club that we visited was the May beach club that is a party lover’s haven. The atmosphere at this club is always buzzing with a lot of excitement and the staff are quite helpful in delivering drinks to you. The music that is played here is also great that you will not want to leave this amazing spot.  We truly enjoyed our holidays in Thailand and we would not mind repeating the Koh Tao experience all over again.

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