Parties In Thailand

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Parties in ThailandSplendid Beaches are the jewels of Thailand and it is considered as the most beautiful destination for beach holidays. You might have been there many times but have you attended a full moon party on beachside? If your answer is a ‘no’ then make a plan to visit Thailand to attend a full moon party. Party holidays in Thailand are now becoming very famous. The full moon party is organized on a full moon night at many beaches around Thailand. Dancing and enjoying a night party on a lovely beach under the sparking moonlight is a unique and marvelous experience that you must have in your holidays in Thailand. Last month, I visited Thailand with the group of my friends for attending the full moon party. It was the best party night of my life. Thailand is a tremendously beautiful country and you could enjoy myriad outdoor activities. So, if you want to enjoy exciting full moon parties and the best of natural beauty; then visit Thailand. I promise that this party night would be the best night of your life.Parties in Thailand

The trend of full moon Parties was started in 1985 by some travelers. The magical beauty of full moon tempted them and they lit bonfire along a beach to celebrate the full moon night. Since then, it becomes a craze for locals and tourists. Now, around 20 thousand to 30 thousand tourists visit Thailand to celebrate full moon parties on different beaches of Thailand. We had planned four day trip to Thailand. Every night cannot be a full moon night; so we had planned to enjoy some other exciting activities as well. According to our schedule, the full moon was on the last day of our trip. So, we started our holidays with adventurous oceanic activities.

Koh Phangan was our destination. It is the birthplace of full moon parties. Apart from this amazing attraction, this beautiful island also offers variety of outdoor activities. We started with ‘Just for fun – canopy adventures’. It’s an entertainment center where you could enjoy lots of exciting activities. This place really makes you feel like being in a jungle. There are some tree-top rope bridges that were continuously tempting me and finally we got a chance to walk on one of those bridges. It was an amazing experience. It was something like going on a jungle safari. The major attraction of this center is its zipline. Well, ziplining is one of my favorite adventures and same is the case with my friends.Parties in Thailand

We decided to try out this activity. The staff was very experienced and helping. One of my friends was doing this for the very first time and he was a little nervous but the staff really helped him out and made him comfortable. We all were fitted with helmets and other safety measures and then we were tied to the zipline. Our excitement touched its peak as soon as we started rolling down. The moments were filled with great fun. It was like flying high over the tall green trees. After ziplining, we enjoyed the stunning view of lush green forests of Koh Phangan. The forests and mountains of Koh Phangan are not near enough to be utilized for tourism. So, if you want to take a glimpse of the mountains and forests of this island then visit this entertaining place. We really had some great time at this wonderful place.Parties in Thailand

We were charged with undying enthusiasm after enjoying the delight of ziplining. We had enough time till sunset; so we decided to do some aquatic adventure. We chose Ban Tai beach for this. A kite store and Kite surfing school is located at this beach. It is named as Kite Boarding Asia. You could take kites on rent from this store. They also give kite surfing classes. So, if you are a newbie then you could learn kite surfing from this place. We all are experienced in this activity so we just rented kites from them. Kite surfing on water waves of this beach was a delightful experience. We had loads of fun.

We had decided to watch the sunset from Haad Yuan Beach. So, after kite surfing, we visited this beach. It’s a lovely beach and its surroundings make it more appealing. It’s a small and serene beach. It doesn’t remain overcrowded. So, if you want to enjoy the sunset views at a calm place then you should visit here. The sunset looks amazing from this beach. It seems like a huge orange ball is slowly moving down into the ocean. The elegant backdrop and some birds flying in front of the sun were making it perfect scenery. It was fairly like a masterpiece of some painter. We were delighted to watch this view. Likewise sun, we also ended our day and went back to our hotel.Parties in Thailand

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Diving is another wonderful oceanic adventure that we had in our Thailand trip. Sailrock is considered as one of the best diving spots in Thailand. We decided to visit this place. It was really more than our hopes. There is not any particular diving spot at this place but there are many rock cliffs from where you could directly dive into the sea. We had done diving many times but this was something very unique and it added to our interest and fun. We dived many times and enjoyed very much. It was a great diving experience.

After experiencing the amazing diving at Sailrock, we returned to our place. It was Saturday and there was a Saturday night party. We were very excited. That night, we took the first glimpse of the amazing beachside parties of Thailand. Hundreds of people joined to celebrate Saturday night. Everybody was dancing and enjoying the night. The beach was looking amazing. I was feeling as if I had travelled to some place where people are born to dance. We also joined them and started dancing fanatically. It was a fantastic experience. This all night long party was just a tiny manifestation of full moon parties. Now, we were eagerly waiting for the full moon night.

Our wait came to an end on the last day of our trip. We had our breakfast in our hotel and left for Haad Rin beach. This beach hosts the most wonderful full moon parties of Koh Phangan. The preparations for the evening were going on. With every passing moment, hundreds of people were coming to this beach. With the nightfall, small tables were lined up on the beach. On every table, a small lamp was lit. Around 30,000 people were there to celebrate this special night. As soon as the first ray of yellow full moon touched the golden sand of this beach; the party got started. The stunning Haad Rin beach turned into a dancing frenzy. The party was coming to its glory. Everyone was tapping their feet to the music. We were dancing like crazy. The session of drinks started. All the party animals were enjoying dance and drinks. The sparkling and colorful lights were taking the beauty of this beach to another level. It was looking exceptionally beautiful.Parties in Thailand

The music was fantastic and it was driving everyone crazy. We saw some couples who were enjoying their intimate dance. Everyone was lost in the glory of the full moon night. There were some jugglers also. They were entertaining the people with their balancing acts. The party was growing wilder with every passing moment. We were enjoying the best of our life. The dazzling impromptu firework display was a grand attraction of the party. It was the ever best night party of my life. For a while, I went away from the crowd and started watching the sea. The midnight blue water of the ocean was sparkling under the light of the moon. The moon was looking huge and wonderful. It was looking as if the moon is just placed over the ocean. It was a magical view that I saw on full moon party. That miraculous moment would stay in my eyes and heart till the end. The party continued till the dawn. It was the best night of my life.

I must say..I’m going to revisit this amazing place sometime soon. You must also have this matchless experience. Plan your trip and pack your bags for Thailand trip. See you in Thailand! Cheers!


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