Private and individual Overland Tour to Southeast

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Turkey, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia


We are planning to start September/October 2011 and calculated to stay about 1 month in each of the following countries: Turkey, Iran, India, Nepal, Tibet/China. From the start till arrival in Laos (when we finished China) we expect to need about 6 months. And we not only offer to come with us for the whole distance, also people are welcome, which want to travel with us for specific parts of the tour.


All costs will be shared together. Also if you join us for parts of the trip it is just a share. Interested people should contact us for more questions, as we not have more information right now as this is a 100 percent private tour (we have no commercial background or interest!)


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A 7.5 tons truck with double cabine and a former army container equipped (everything built inside for the needs of such an expedition). While drives everybody has its place inside the big double cabine of the truck.

Plans for the route itself:

The exact route inside all single countries is not really planned in advance. We drive to places, where we want to go to and we stay where and how long we want to stay at specific points of interest.

Usually this is a typical Overlander Tour, but as the whole project is fully of private nature, we do not have any time table to follow. We don’t have to be today at point “a” and tomorrow at point “b”. And the trip itself to Southeast Asia is not planned as a “transport” tour. We also will stop at all kind of interesting areas and points of interest, as we decide together while on the tour.

This is one of the big advantages of this tour, as this is something, you only can do when it is private like our tour. But for this you also have to know, that we not have a big office at home behind us, which will give support as needed sometimes on such big tours. Problems (like unique route permissions and restrictions i.e. in China) we have to solve by ourself. But as we made already a few such big trips (around the world) my experiences tell me, that every problem can be solved in a way. Maybe this is at least an advantage, as sometimes creativity is asked and this also has the character of a real adventure then!


If you are interested and if you have more questions, just send me an email and I will try to answer all of your questions


Questions & answers

Isn’t Pakistan too dangerous?

Usually not. I was driven through Pakistan already in 2010 and we never had any problems. But of course that’s not a guarantee. But we always will be up to date by internet, forums and friends we ask all the time regarding to specific “hot spots”.

Do we always sleep at camping places?

No, in most of the countries, we will visit, people simply don’t know about camping places. We always try to find nice, quite and safe places where we can sleep. Sometimes also in front (or in the back) of hotels, but always at such places, where it possible to put a tent as well.  For countries like India, Tibet or China you also have to notice to have some planned budget for guesthouses sometimes.

How long/far we will travel each day?

That’s hard to say. Pakistan for example is just a drive through country. So the daily minimum we be about 8 hours. For all other countries we expect a maximum of 6 hours.

How many people we are and do we meet before?

Including me the truck has 7 seats available. About age etc. I can inform you in a few weeks. And of course it is possible to meet before we start.

What about food, showering etc.?

This will be similar as on an Overlander  Tour. We have all necessary equipment aboard. Food we will prepare together. As we will travel through many countries, where food is very cheap (between 1 and 2 Euro per meal) most of the time it will be only necessary to prepare breakfast in the truck. Of course we have enough drinking water (tanks) with us and a shower.

The costs, everybody has to expect.

The truck takes in average 25 litres per 100 kilometers. That’s by far the most expensive point. Road and highway talls, Visa costs etc. I can calculate very good in advance as i know these countries already.

The second place of the higher expenses is China and Tibet. We must hire through a local travel agency a tour guide and this travel agency also has to take care of all needed documents. But at least it will depend on how many people we will be (as more people as cheaper China is for everybody).

Sightseeing points are quiet expensive in China and Tibet. Only the Mount Everest Base Camp costs about 150 Euro! But this also depends of course on what we all together decide, what we want to visit. But you should calculate more then 1.000 Euro.

But, as I wrote already before, this is all in all more inexpensive then when doing it on an Overlander tour, as this is totally private who any interests in any profit. So you always only will have the real costs w/o the profits for travel agencies etc.

Do you have any experiences?

Yes, I made already several tours and expeditions around the world. South America, Africa (2 times Trans-Africa with more then 100.000 km’s only in Africa). Also the planed route I know already. But never with that much people. But I’m sure, this also won’t be any problem, as there’s not too much time to get crazy or stupid ideas because this time of the trip also will be full of work: daily works, shopping, navigating, cooking, searching for places to sleep, sightseeing, informing by news, internet etc.

Additional in most countries I could get some good contacts to people within the last years and especially on my last trip in 2010.


Why you do this?

Well, I plan to stay a few years in Southeast Asia, as there is still so much, I want to see. Especially Malaysia, Indonesia I’d like to visit more. At least I have 2 choices to come to Southeast Asia: as here described with some people or – if there’s no interest in such a really unique and rare adventure tour, I will ship my truck to Malaysia, as this is pretty inexpensive as well.


What we do if...?

Improvisation! Always and always again! If the “world happenings and news” makes it necessary, we also would have an alternative route with Russia, Mongolia to China etc. (Satin Road) But of course only, if there’s enough interest.


What you ask us?

We will stay together for up to 6 months on quite little space. Teamwork and improving should not be a problem for you and you should not scare mud, snow and other things.


When you read now this – wow – respect, as you had to read pretty much until now. And if you’re still interested in doing such a unique trip and taking your chance (especially private trips like we do it, are hard to find and you never can compare with a trip managed by a big travel agency as we prefer real adventure!), we please you to contact us by email:


Please don’t forget to tell us your phone number as well!


Take care and always have a good time.


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People keep on asking me the Question - when to travel Turkey.

So here is a brief detail of nature effects during different seasons.


Spring (April, May, through mid-June) is main because the weather is reasonable / tolerable throughout the country, the days are long, and the sightseer rush hasn't begun because schools are still in session. April can be rainy, though.



Autumn (mid-September through October) is subsequent best with mostly mild climate, but the days are shorter, and rain may begin again in October.



Summer (mid-June, July, August, through mid-September) is quite hot in five of Turkey’s seven dissimilar climatic regions, though typically rainless, and cools inland in the evenings. Seaside resorts are crowded, but the cities are less so.


Winter (November, December, January, February, March) can be freeze and rainy, with sporadic cold but sunny days, everywhere except the southeast, which remains temperate, but lower prices and fewer tourists are compensations.

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