Travel To The Unexplored Togo

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Visiting Togo is something that I will love to do again because I had an experience that left me with a longing for more. Togo is situated right in the Western part of Africa with the Bight of Benin surrounding it. This wonderful place called Togo actually extends to the Gulf of Guinea where the capital Lome is truly located. It is a sub-Saharan tropical nation that mainly depends on agriculture. Apart from the agricultural activities that take place in this country, there are several other things that are pleasant for the tourists who come all the time to visit the country and have their tour here. Some of them include the historic sites, monuments, beaches, art museums, Islands, art galleries and ancient ruins among others. Being one of those people who have visited Togo, I have to confess that this was just a splendid place to spend a holiday with my husband.

 Travel to the unexplored Togo

We started it all with a visit to the Togo Shrine where we had a good time with the monuments, the historical Sites and the statues that makes this place unforgettable. This shrine is normally accessed through Harajuku station where you can actually stroll as you move to the shrine and have a wonderful view of the city while you have that 15 minutes walk. It is situated right opposite the well known Jingumae district. Even though this Togo Shrine was not very big, it was full of worshippers and several visitors when we went for a visit on that particular Friday morning. We really enjoyed the serenity and tranquillity that you can only find in this particular place and being that my husband is a Christian, he was able to open up to learnt some few ways of worship from the worshipers at this shrine. This is the place that you cannot afford to miss when you have a visit to Togo. We were able to see the pictures of the great Admiral Togo Heihachiro who had this particular place dedicated to him after his death.

 Travel to the unexplored Togo

We decided to move to the Lido Togo bay which is located in Porto Cesareo. This place was just awesome with clean and well kept beaches where we enjoyed better part of our afternoon on that day. The waters are looking very brilliant and clear that you cannot miss the laxity in this particular place. It was great to realise that there was Wi-Fi internet as well. This made my husband more than happy because he is usually very keen in checking his mails every time. We enjoyed ourselves on the beach with the sun bathing. We eventually bordered one of those great couches so that we could just hang out after a long day in the sun. This was quite an adventure as we viewed the beaches from the coach. The couches are facing this beach directly and the view is quite amazing. I am actually trying to make some arrangements so that I can visit this place again.

 Travel to the unexplored Togo

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Art is the best part of my life and my husband is also a great artist so we couldn’t miss to go to Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art. I loved this art museum and it was worth taking some time to visit it. There were these Seiji Togo and Japanese arts as well as the Van Gogh’s sunflowers that were just wonderful to look at. They actually have very important cultural importance that is incorporated in the great arts. There were very wonderful and interesting collections that made me want to put some arts even in our own house back home. The arts were made to depict some historical events of the past that were very important to the communities here.

 Travel to the unexplored Togo

We moved to another historic site attraction called the Fort Liya Togo situated near the village of Wanci, Wangi Wangi Island in Indonesia. This is a great fort that is rightly located in the Liya village. It is actually one of the great heritages from the Buton kingdoms. The fort was actually made from the rock and this gave it a very unique background and appearance. It proved to be the best place to visit with the settlement concentrated mainly on the top of the hill inside the port. There were different kinds of wooden gates that you need to pass through and they were looking very lovely and unique. My husband really loves pictures so much and he got glued to theses unique arts perfectly placed in this fort. This was just amazing and it actually made me want to visit several places of such kind. We had to go to another attraction site but these were very appreciative to us all. I feel that I should actually go back there one of these fine days so that I can have more time to appreciate the fort and the arts there in.

 Travel to the unexplored Togo

We decided to have a boat tour through the Lake Togo Pleasure Boat. The lake is situated in Tottori Prefecture. We loved the pleasure boat so much and we couldn’t imagine leaving Togo without this unique event in our lives. We boarded the boat at around midday and the crew were very amazing as they could ask us what we love and where we actually wanted to go to. Even though we had no idea of the best places in the lake to sail in, this sailor and the crew actually knew what most visitors love and they took us to very interesting parts of the lake where we enjoyed the waters and the serene pleasure there.

 Travel to the unexplored Togo

We moved to some very serene scenic historical walking areas in Nuie South Pacific called the Togo Chasm. This place has a very wide landscape with little oasis at the end which makes it a very brilliant place to have a walk in and just enjoy the nature. Some places are so stiff that they actually made a stiff ladder at one particular end to help climb through. I was a bit scared at first but I realised that this is a very safe ladder that is useful in this wonderful event. However, the ladder is a bit small and may not suit everybody, especially when there are several people who want to have their way. It was a great adventure when we were there because there were very few people at the moment and we enjoyed every bit of it. This is the place that I want to spend my next holiday. We passed through a very lovely forest that my husband really admired. This was just a magical place to visit with the sharp rocks and blowholes to endure as well.

 Travel to the unexplored Togo

We eventually went to Mt. Nakao for a great mountain climbing. This mountain is situated right in Nakaogo, Hasami-cho. It is a very beautiful mountain that we really enjoyed climbing as we viewed the nature in this place. I have never seen such a spectacular mountain as this and going there made me love them even more. We could get tired on our way up, gasp for breath and rest a little bit before we continued climbing. It was worth climbing because it was a high mountain with a serene view when you stand on top looking at the great nature that surrounds it. After visiting all these places and had a great lunch with some drinks in one of the nearest hotels, we had to make an arrangement to come back since we could not live there forever but my husband and I still had the eagerness to continue with this spectacular tour that made us very happy and energized when we came back. It is one of the best places that we are planning to visit during our next holiday and this time round, we shall go with our daughter as well.


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