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Hi everyone,
My name is Martin and i have been travelling since 4 years already, all around. After a 1 year round-the-world-trip I just could not stop and now, after 80 countries I'm still on the road. Right now I'm in Buenos Aires with my girlfriend and our bikes and we finally made the effort to create a blog for our travels. Maybe it helps some people to find infos about their next trip, get some enjoyment from travelling with us online or have a look at our gallery ;)
We have a detailed gearlist and also post monthly summarys about spendings, kilometers travelled (currently we travel by bicycle) and so on. We decided to start the blogposts with Southamerica, but if anyone has a question about my former tours, feel free to send me an email :)

I can't post our url because of the forumrules, but just check facebook for CycleNomads if you want to find us. Otherwise just ask here, when i have internet I will check :)


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John Dennis

United States United States
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Such a brave journey.. I'm waiting to learn from your blog posts.

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Malawi Malawi
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Woww Martin, round the world?! You must be loaded with global travel information.. look forward to reading your blog :)

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United States United States
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Wow, you must be loaded with money too.

Sorry for asking a too personal question, but how did you get so much money to be able to travel for 4 years without working?

Must cost a fortune or at least 200,000$ so far.

Please tell me what are you doing for living?

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Canada Canada
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Wow!!! 80 countries you have already visited. I can imagine that it will be a very adventurous journey. Keep it up. If I get the chance the I would also like to visit the world.

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Poland Poland
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So many places! Thats incredible.

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