Three Free Apps For Finding Hotels And Restaurants

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Are you thinking of a free apps for finding hotels and restaurants on your next vacation? We have listed three free apps that would make your vacation easier and lots of fun.

Trip Advisor


TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants

App Description


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A lot of travelers around the world are making use of this free app from Trip Advisor in planning a perfect vacation. This app would help the user find great hotels and restaurants.


  1.  The app can support you with a good hotel  within seconds of searching
  2. You can browse a lot of hotel and restaurant reviews and pictures
  3.  Compare hotel prices and find great hotel deals
  4. You can use it and find location to any hotel or restaurant in the city you are visiting
  5. You can add your own pictures and reviews on a hotel
  6. Save and download reviews, maps while traveling
  7. You can toggle restaurants, hotels and places of interest
  8. You can view restaurants opening and closing hours
  9. You can find any hotel within a short time.
  10. You can book your hotel or get reservation in a restaurant with a tap on your cell phone or laptop.




Yelp Description

Yelp is one of the top travel apps that has more than fifty million reviews on different aspects of traveling.   If you are looking for a hotel or restaurant, you got a great app to make use of.


With Yelp you can experience the following;

  1. You can search for restaurants and hotels nearby
  2. You can easily filter your search results according to distance, price, places and rating
  3. You can read a lot of reviews that are written by experts and locals.
  4. You can view a lot of pictures of hotels and restaurants.
  5. It supports you with the lists of hotels.
  6. The addresses of hotels and restaurants can be found on the app
  7. Reservations are easy to make with the app
  8. Write your reviews and upload your pictures





Expedia App

Start  your vacation with Expedia app and have a wonderful time in locating hotels and restaurants.


  1. Search restaurants and hotels
  2. Make reservations with the app
  3. Write reviews
  4. Add pictures by uploading
  5. Find location to restaurants
  6. It has different languages for you to choose
  7. The addresses of the major hotels and restaurants can be located.


These three apps would make tourism exciting and save money for you because you already know the rates of most eateries and can make your hotel bookings without an agent’s support.

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