Things To Do In Houmt Souk

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A popular tourist place which is also known as “The Market Neighborhood” and is very popular for its traditional soul is Houmt Souk. This town Houmt Souk is the main place in the island and attracts many tourists every year. This place is very popular for the markets where you will be able to buy leather goods, crafted pottery, artwork, textiles, jewelry and many other things. Women can spend even days at this place and you they will not get bored at all. This is a fantastic place for shopping but at the same time you should not miss the beautiful seashore as well. There are many interesting things that you should not miss on your trip to Houmt Souk, Tunisia.

Things To Do in Houmt Souk

This was a place which was developed for the ancient Romans with the Gerna but later there were many others who lived in this place. Even many pirates and merchants occupied this place for many years. In the northern part of the city, Battle of Djerba took place. One of the most interesting places here is Bordj El Kebir fort. Very near to the fort you have an interesting village which is very popular as a market. Woolen and cattle, cloth is traded from this place only. This place is also famous for dried grapes. After the independence of Tunisian, this place Houmt Souk become the capital of Djerba. This is an interesting place to visit and you also have many interesting places to see here.

Things To Do in Houmt Souk

When To Go:

Houmt Souk is an excellent place for shopping and when it comes to shopping you can spend hours and days in any kind of climate. But when you are going on a vacation along with family and not just for shopping then make sure that you are planning your trip in the right time of the year. This planning is very important because you should be able to enjoy your trip to any place. Normally the weather condition of Houmt Souk is normal around the year, but your trip can be very interesting and memorable if you can plan your trip in between the months of May to October.

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The climate between May and October is very comfortable for you to enjoy with the entire family. You should make your bookings in advance as this is a very small place to visit, but you will find a huge number of tourists every year to this place in these months. If you are planning it off season then it is definitely not a big problem. Whenever you are traveling, make sure you check the climatic conditions of Houmt Souk at that point of time and carry all necessary things like clothes which are suitable according to the weather conditions there.

Things To Do in Houmt Souk

Now let us have a look at few interesting things to do in this very interesting place Houmt Souk, Tunisia. There are many things to see here, but let us have a look at the best of them:


Musee Du Patrimoine Traditionnel Djerbien

One of the most interesting places in this place Houmt Souk is Musee Du Patrimoine Traditionnel Djerbien. You have many places to see in and around this place. It is very well maintained and attracts many tourists who visit this place. The costumes on the dummy look very interesting and make it easy for you to understand their culture and other things. You get a lot of time to visit each section in Musee Du Patrimoine Traditionnel Djerbien and you will not be forced to leave the place quickly.

Musee Du Patrimoine Traditionnel Djerbien

Another interesting thing about this place Musee Du Patrimoine Traditionnel Djerbien is you are allowed to click pictures here unlike other many places which don’t. This place gives you complete information about the culture and history of this place. The captions written in this museum are written in three languages Arabic, French and English, hence it is very easy for everyone to understand and know more about the history. If you still think that you will need a guide, then you can hire a guide who will provide you a lot of information about the place than you think you know.


Autre Tunisie Private Day Tours

If you are having zero knowledge about any place and you don’t even have knowledge about their language, then it is always good to go for a travel package in that place. One of the best tours in Houmt Souk is Autre Tunisie Private Day Tours. This is one of the best tours and travels that you should hire when you visit this place. They offer you a lot of packages to choose from according to your requirement. You have a guide along with you who can help you in knowing more about the place and its history.

Autre Tunisie Private Day Tours

The staff of the Autre Tunisie Private Day Tours is very friendly and they will help you get as much information as possible. You will enjoy the trip with Autre Tunisie Private Day Tours and all your requirements during the trip will be covered in the package they charge you and hence can relax and enjoy the view of the place without any kind of worries. The cost of their tour packages is very affordable and hence they are one of the most popular tours and travels in Houmt Souk.


Fort Ghazi Mustapha

You should not miss the beautiful Fort Ghazi Mustapha which is located near the beach of Houmt Souk. This Fort Ghazi Mustapha is constructed with red stone and it is the red stone that enhances the beauty of this fort. This fort belongs to the fifteenth century and you should definitely not miss the fort on your trip. If you want to enter inside the fort then you will need a prior appointment for that else you may not be allowed inside the fort. Opposite to the Fort Ghazi Mustapha will also find huge tanks which helped the people living near the fort with water supply.

Fort Ghazi Mustapha

This fort was constructed to act as a defense of the border of this place. Many renovations were done with this place and the most recent renovation that happened was the most important renovation. You can click many pictures at this place and you will like it. The building was ruined due to the climate effects, but the recent renovation made it look better than before. You can enjoy a fantastic harbor view from this place.


Houmt Souk Mosques

You have many different Mosques to see in this place. On your trip to this place Houmt Souk, you will come across many beautifully designed mosques which are many years old. All the mosques here are in typical Jerban style only like you will find a white beautiful mosque with a bright green colored door. These Houmt Souk Mosques are open just for the Muslims and if you a non Muslim, then you will just have to admire the beauty of this place from outside.

Houmt Souk Mosques

If you are a Muslim, then you will get a chance to see the inner beauty of these mosques. Whether you are a Muslim or a non Muslim, you should not miss these mosques at least from the outside.


Beautiful Church in Houmt Souk

This place Houmt Souk is the land of Muslims and you will not find any Christians living here, at least not nowadays. Earlier there were Christians living in this place and that is the reason why you will find one Beautiful Church in Houmt Souk. Although there is no one who visit this church nowadays, but you will see a beautiful church here which you should not miss. This church was constructed in the 19th century and this place had a few Christian population in that period of time and this number of Christians increased gradually by the end of the century.

Beautiful Church

But after the independence of this place, all the Christians left the place and it is just a place for Muslims. Not sure whether this church is still being used for religious things, but the view of this church is really wonderful.

You will normally find just mosques in this place Houmt Souk but when you get a chance to see a church, then it is going to be very interesting for you.


Crocodile Farm, Houmt Souk

If you are an animal fan then you should not miss this place Crocodile Farm, Houmt Souk. This is an interesting as well as an amazing place where you will find a number of crocodiles. You should always try to plan your visit to this Crocodile Farm, Houmt Souk at around 3:30 or 4:00 in the evening. You will be able to see the Crocodiles being fed at this place at that time. It is really amazing and if you are going with your kids then they will enjoy this view.

Crocodile Farm

The crocodile farm is not something really big, but you will enjoy visiting the place. The small crocodiles are kept in a separate place and the large crocodiles are kept in a different place. It is really interesting to see the large ones being fed as they start fighting for the food as soon as they see the person coming in to feed them. You can also see some turtles on the farm. Make sure that you are taking enough care about your children when you are going to this Crocodile farm.


Zaouia of Sidi Brahim

This is another interesting place in Houmt Souk that you should not miss on your trip. This place is now an administrative office in the place. There are certain places here in Houmt Souk which are not open for non Muslims but this place does not have any such restrictions. You will enjoy the view of this place. It can be a bit boring to kids and to those who do not like seeing things just from outside.

Zaouia of Sidi Brahim

This is another place where you can click a lot of pictures. The place and its architecture are something that you can enjoy. There are many things around this place in Houmt Souk and hence would not be really difficult to spend just a few minutes to take a look at the building and its designing.


Fine Art Gallery, Houmt Souk

Fine Art Gallery, Houmt Souk is a place where you will see the exhibition of many local art and they display the work of many new talents like photographers, painters and sculptors. This is a place where you will come across the contemporary art of this place. If you are someone who admire this kind of art, then this is the place that you should not miss on your trip to Houmt Souk.

Fine Art Gallery

The painting that you get to see at this place are really amazing and you should not miss the artwork of many new young talents of Houmt Souk. Apart from paintings, you also have many other things to enjoy in this place like photography. The pictures displayed here are really amazing and you should not miss them at all. If you want to spend a complete day in this Fine Art Gallery, Houmt Souk then you have food and other facilities as well. So you can spend one complete day with these beautiful pictures and paintings.


Houmt Souk Market

This Houmt Souk Market is a great place to shop cheap products. You can buy cheap clothes and many other things in this market. You have many weaving shops as well in this market where you will be able get the best hats which are hand made and you should definitely try them. Pottery is another thing that you should not miss the place and you will find many kinds of creativity with this pottery work. There are many stores where the price is fixed and there are also stores where you can bargain. At the fixed rate stores, the quality is little high compared to the other stores where you can bargain, but it is always good to look around in all the shops before you start buying from any store.

Houmt Souk Market

There are many other things in this Houmt Souk Market and you will surely love them. You also have a sale of second hand products on Thursdays. This is also something that you see. You see too many people here and it is always crowded. It may be irritating with so much of crowd, but you will love the place once you start looking at the products available in the market.


Fresh blue-and-white Restaurant

You get many mouth watering dishes in Houmt Souk but there are some signature dishes of this place and you should not miss them. Fresh blue-and-white Restaurant is a place where you get some delicious food of Houmt Souk. If you love eating fish, then you get a huge range of options to taste different kinds of fish dishes here.

Fresh blue-and-white Restaurant

The price of the food is a bit high, but the signature dishes would definitely cost you little high only. You also have another restaurant Princess Haroun for good food but at a cheaper rate compared to the Fresh Blue and White Restaurant. You should definitely try them.


Boat Rides on the beach

You can enjoy fantastic Boat Rides on the beach in this place. It is definitely going to be a great experience. You should not miss the beach when you visit this place. Many people from the surround places come to Houmt Souk just for fishing and it is going to be an amazing experience here.

This is a very small town and hence you have very few things to see at this place but this place is definitely worth visiting. You will love your trip to Houmt Souk and also fishing at this place. This place Houmt Souk is said to be the main place in the Jerba. If you are planning with your kids then you should plan it well, else the trip can get irritating. This place is a place for market and the best place for buying fabrics and textiles. You can get the clothes for a very cheaper rate.

Boat Rides on the beach

Try to do some booking for your accomodation as well as this place is very small but with a lot of attractions to enjoy, you will be able to see many people visiting the place during the seasonal time. In the months of May to October, prior planning is very advantageous. By doing this you will not have to complete your tour in a hurry or you will not have to leave the place without seeing all the tourist attractions in the place. The climate is really good during this period of time and hence you will find too many tourists.

If you are a non Muslim, then make sure that you are not trying to enter into those places where the non Muslim’s entry is restricted. This can create a big problem for you in your trip and it will spoil your entire vacation here. Have a great trip Houmt Souk, enjoy it. 

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