Travel To Tunisia

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Have you ever visited Tunisia? When I went there for a holiday, I realised that there are so many attractions in this place that no one can ever want to miss. This is the best place for touring, holiday tour, shopping, getting to the beach and enjoyment.

Travel to Tunisia

I had a chance to Visit several towns in this country and I can tell you that these are the places to visit in Tunisia that whoever misses them just misses a lot.

I went to Djerba, the largest highland off the coast of Tunisia in the Gulf of Gabes. It was very interesting part of my life just climbing up the island and enjoying the nature. I got very excited as I visited this Island to know more about what it has and what could possibly be interesting.  As I looked and touched the wonders of nature, it was quite amazing being here and just forgetting the busy life that I usually have for a moment. You can imagine what it feels to be in Tunisia.

Through interactions with the locals in this place, I realised that this is a legendary ‘home of the lotus eaters’ as it is commonly known by several people. I now realise why it is called so. It is the best place to visit in Tunisia and I know that it will attract you just as I got attracted to it when I first visited the Tunisia.

Travel to Tunisia

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I then decided to make a visit to Hammamet city which is located at about 60km east of Cap Bon in Tunisia so that I could enjoy myself further and know more about the place and what it entails. I did not regret my decision because I ended up enjoying there. The culture is just perfect!

 I witnessed the culture centre with a very rich historical past. The Berber tradition is still alive in this city and it is just amazing to learn about the culture. I saw the Kasbah which is the traditional fortresses in this place and I couldn’t hide my happiness and the enjoyment. The sea and the breeze that comes from it were quite amazing, soothing and cool. I actually wanted to stay longer but I had to visit other places before the end of my holiday. If I had any intention of getting to the worship of Allah, I could have gone to the mosque situated within the city but I decided to keep that urge for next visit. The Mosques in this city are just quite outstanding!

I couldn’t miss getting to Hammamet Beach to feel the laxity and leisure of bathing in the beach sand and riding on horses and camels as well as parachuting and banana floats.  I went to the private beach of the hotel which was very clean, tidy and perfect privacy provided. I enjoyed playing around in the jet skis and riding the banana boat in the beach. This was quite amazing. After some time, I felt a bit exhausted and I decided to have some drinks at the drink bars in the beach. Everything was available to help me enjoy myself right there. The merchants were right there with their goods and I was able to get everything I wanted right at the beach!

Travel to Tunisia

Next, I was very convinced that the Gulf of Hammamet is the place to be. This is a place that no one can afford to miss when in Tunisia for a visit. It is a great place for those who like being romantic like me, and then these are the places to be. I enjoyed the glamour and the romance to my satisfaction. I was glad that my Friday was well taken care of when I visited this incredible local market located within Nabeul just 20 minutes from Hammamet. I hired a taxi to drop me there very fast as I didn’t want to wait for the train. I could not believe my eyes. There was everything pretty from Bob Marley masks, local pottery, Hubble bubble pipes, and wall tiles to fake designer goods.

Then I decided to take a trip to the capital city of Tunisia. Tunis is the best place I have ever imagined to be. My trip was made memorable when I decided to get a place for good shopping. I realised that if I wanted to communicate easily about shopping in this place, then I had to use a very important word ‘souk’. I learnt that souk is an Arab word which means market and I was made to understand that it also refers to various locations where these locals sell their goods and services.

Travel to Tunisia

I just asked my taxi driver about souk because I wanted to buy some few things here and there as I enjoy my tour around. Within no minute I was taken to one of the souks to do my shopping but then I realised that it was a bit hectic doing shopping within there because these people could not easily understand my language and I couldn’t get them clearly either.  There was a language barrier and we could not communicate effectively with one another but I decided to try my best and get what I wanted, after all I wanted to learn more about Tunisia and everything including the language of the people. Another problem was the initial price for the items that was way too high but I had a very positive attitude and I really wanted to enjoy my shopping there. So I got whatever I wanted and had a great moment shopping in the souks.

I moved to Medina and then later to the central market which are more or less similar to the souks except that the vendors here are selling food rather than goods which I realised was mostly sold in the souks. That was quite interesting part of my travel. However, I realised that Medina and the central Market are very crowded and therefore I had to be very careful so that I don’t get mugged as the crowded places like that are known to be dangerous when it comes to theft crimes. I enjoyed every bit of my shopping in all these places.

travel to Tunisia

I was driven further to Sidi BouSaid Town which is situated east of Tunis, past the presidential palace. I got attracted to this place because of its uniqueness and it is the best place where I could take very good pictures. I took a photo with the white and blue house that is overlooking the sea and there was also a small port just right there next to the building.  If given a chance, I can visit this place over and over again. This is the best place to be and no one would possibly want to miss it in Tunisia.

It was time to move to the Ribats which was also my desired place in Tunisia. This was a great discovery because the Ribats here were very similar but unique. I climbed up to enjoy everything and it was a bit hectic but the atmosphere here and the historical feeling was so amazing that it was worth the climb. This place also has a great history for the history maniacs like me. When I decided to climb to the top of that tower, I got the perfect view of the whole Tunis city. This was a great visit and these places are the best places to visit in Tunisia.




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