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hi im going to turkey in june this year is it better to change money here or in turkey :wiz:)

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hi im going to turkey in june this year  is it better to change money here or in turkey
Absolutely - I tend to only take a small amount of currency with me as the exchange at the banks in the resorts offer a better exchange rate you should be getting at leat 2.2 YTL to ?

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Its is euro free Jone so better to exchange here only .

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I think you will get a much better exchange rat in Turkey,
I went to Bodrum once, I've exchanged my money in England, I was short again in Bodrum, and exchanged it there as well on a change place. The rate of Bodrum was much better.
Do not exchange money at the resort or hotel, they are always more expensive than a change or bank in the city....

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