Memorial Tour Of Turkey's Gallipoli Peninsula

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April 25th, 2015 was  the  centenary of the  ill-fated Gallipoli invasion by Allied troops. This may look like hell tourism because of the way that the serene landscape of Gallipoli resembles, as if a golf course has been created in hell. It was here that the blood of thousands was spilled a century ago in one of World War I’s most spectacular Allied failures. The Sulva Bay, Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey,  was where nearly 400,00 Allied casualties lost their lives in World War I.

seddulbahir, Gallipoli

A lot of visitors from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, India and France have gathered to honour the fallen at one of the biggest commemorations of the Great War on that great day. This place has become a beautiful Turkish isthmus, that is facing the Aegean to the west, the Dardanelles Straits and the Sea of Marmara to the east, is a patchwork of monuments and memorial stones linked by country lanes, mountain tracks and undulating greenery.

This is where you would see a lot of rows upon rows of immaculate Commonwealth war graves and huge expanses of dazzling white marble, etched with the names of the fallen, which circle the cemetery.

Gallipoli war museum

The  fortress of Seddülbahir has become one of the places that people come to have a feel of what has happened in the past. Youare going to see so many things that history was unable to tell you. This is the reason why we have a lot of ruins that would easily tell history. There is no need reading any World War I book when you are here. The reason is because when you are here, everything will look very real to you.

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Gallipoli war museum

The world will always marvel at what happened here and this is the reason why thousands of people are coming here to see for themselves first hand what really happened here. There is nothing that has been able to justify what really went wrong here. There are theories that you would blow your mind about what happened here, however, it would be best if you are here to see for yourself.

Some of the artifacts look as if they were used few days back. This is what makes this place to be very fascinating. There are lots of stories about how things went wrong here but none of them can be felt except you come and see for yourself.  You do not need to visit here in another 100 years or when there is an annivasary, you can here during vacation. Even the kids are not left behind when they are here. This is what makes Gallipoli an exciting place to be. Apart from history and story telling, this is another tourist attraction center that is bringing people to Turkey. You already know that Turkey got more places for you to see when you are here.

You can still move around the country to see other things of interest and still have that amazing time that you always want to have in any great city. Turkey got you breathing hard with excitement in this place.

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