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Hello Traveler, if you are planning to visit Uganda soon You would like to know of the best seasons........Late December to late February and June to September as the weather at this time of the year is generally dry and warm. Temperatures average around 25 degrees Celsius.....

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There is much to see and do in Ugandaand you might want to look at options and expedition to do after the assembly.Following are a list of places suggested to visit.

Jinja – the Source of the Nile, a short drive from Kampala,lots of places to stay, and for those of you brave enough, white water rafting.

Ssese Islands (just in case you haven’t had enough of livingon an island!) – Camping, site seeing and relaxing.

Lake Mburo National Park – this park covers256 sq kms and is the only National Park to hold an entire lake. It has thelargest number of impala and is only one of two parks that has zebra. (It isalso the closest national park to Kampala.)

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park – positioned near thebeautiful Kisoro Town,overlooking Lakes Butunda and Bunyonyi. Mgahinga is one of two places in Ugandafor gorilla viewing, however, these particular groups move between DRC and Ugandaso are not always viewable from this side.

Lake Bunyonyi– for camping, relaxing, canoe rides on the lake and a good place to stayeither on the way, or on the way back, to/from the gorillas.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – 10 hours drive fromKampala, is famous for gorillatrekking. As it’s name suggests “impenetrable”, a little harder trekking andgorilla permits are more expensive but well worth the visit.

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