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Greatest Safaris In Britain

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You can now forget about Africa and come to where you would find safari in the UK.  You are going to see a wealth of wildlife lies right here on your doorsteps. This is great news for those who may not be able to visit the Amazonian rainforests or the African savannahs to find wild life. This news may sound strange but it is one of the most hidden but still open secret for those who are aware of this safari. A lot of us are in love with dolphin, and for those who would want to see these beautiful water creatures, they can visit the New Quay, Cardigan Bay, Wales.


You can find these dolphins all year round. It is said that New Quay is the dolphin capital of Britain.  You can find them in the harbor and sometimes far from it. The miracle of seeing these creatures can be a miracle and the effect is amazing.


There are ospreys that are seen flying over the waters and plunging in from great height to pick fishes from the waters. This is what you can find in Rutland Water, near Oakham, Rutland. The time you can visit this place and see these birds are during April to September. This place is a huge reservoir but I has become wild with these birds and fishes in fierce battle of predator- prey relationship.


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Seals are great to see and if you are in love with them, you can come to O’Groats, Scotland and find them lying at their ease on the rocky beaches at Stroma or swimming with impossible grace. You can see them from June 20-August 31. Do not think that the end of your fun has come to an end because you can visit the island of Stroma, now uninhabited and find these seals.

red squirrels

Have you seen the red squirrels before? These creatures can be found at the National Trust Formby, Lancashire. You can see them all through the year and they are amazing to see with their large fluffy tufts on the ears.


The  white-tailed eagle can be seen all year at Mull, Scotland. This is an island that has been designed for those who would love to see the eagles.  There are eagle boat trips, and a public viewpoint with attendant experts. It’s also the easiest place in Scotland to see golden eagles.

red deer

The red deer can be seen in October at Minsmere, Suffolk.Minsmere reserve is famous for birds, especially avocets, but in autumn, the shy and secretive red deer come out in the open, mad for sex. The RSPB sets up viewpoints, often with experts on hand. You can see the deer, often in large numbers, and it is hard to believe so many animals of such size can exist in lowland Britain. It feels more like Africa.

You see why we said that there may not be a reason to visit Africa if you want to see wildlife in the UK. This has become the British version of the safari


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