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Magical Alton Towers In Fairytale Woodland

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When it comes to seeing fairytale woodlands, a lot of destinations come to mind. What about Alton Towers?  This has become a magical place that is set in fairytale woodland that is enchanting to visitors. Guess what? It is new and it has become the favourite of a lot of tourists who may want to have a great accommodation. For the kids who would want to have a memorable time, Alton Towers is a place to bring them. You may have visited a lot of lodges around the world but this particular one is simply great. You got the whole world of luxury to yourself which is something that a lot of people dream about.

Alton Towers

You would feel the enchantment once you step in the village. There are lots of stories to tell her and these mythical stories can be found around the tree houses and the quirky lodges that were designed to give people something to talk about. No child ever come here and wants to leave. For the adults, this is a perfect lodge to be for any type of occasion. It has five luxury tree houses that can contain a large number of guests. Each of the separate bedrooms have its own style that boasts of self catering facilities, plush furnishing and there is a lounge area that have a games console and television in it.

Alton Towers

This place got an outdoor decking that came with a hot tub that would leave you with a spectacular view of the woodland.  This is the right place to be after a long day. In all, it has 120 lodges that are exceptionally great and a themed restaurant. The kids would love the Crooked Spoon that come with a lot of performers who are always dressed in the costumes  of Elves and wizards that would keep them entertained. Imagine, how the kids would feel about such treatment and at the end of the day, everyone is happy. This is indeed one of the things that have made it one place that a lot of people dream of coming to and yet, it is only a few persons that know that this place exists in place like this.

Alton Towers

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The staffs that are here ensure that the services provided are exceptionally great and they are always around to give you the necessary. When you are around the park, there are loads of things that you can do with the kids like the mushroom trail and there is this huge tree that sparkles when it is nighttime with a lot of small lights that has made a fairytale theme become so real.

Alton Towers got a lot of great things that you can do while here. You have some special memories that would always be memorable here. The kids would talk about it for months without getting tired while the adults would also dream of coming here again. This place has become one of the wonders of comfort and luxury and it comes with its price.



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