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Most Favourable Travel Seasons In London

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London has become one of the most visited country in the world by tourists. There are lots of site attractions to witness all year round and the different weathers that are seen means that visitors should be prepared for any change in weather. The winter is experienced from December to February and it is accompanied by drizzly rainfall than snowfall heavy snowfall.

During summer, London can be sticky and hot, it is recommended that umbrellas are kept handy in case of rainfall. The best time to visit London is during spring and autumn when the sky is blue and there is no challenge with the weather. There are state of the art hotels that range from five hotels to three star hotels that would give visitors comfort and luxury.


This is a brief description of a typical  London’s weather that is seen around the months of the year, from temperature changes that would help a visitor choose the best time  to experience an amazing time in London to its cheap bargain breaks

The secret ingredient to travelling to London is to travel when the weather is at its best for you. This is what a lot of visitors look at for before they come to London. 

 The month of February is known to have the lowest temperature of 6° C in the day and  1°  in the night. The best time to travel is July when the temperature is 24°C in the day and 14°C in the night.

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The London Regular deals starts from 199 Euros for 4 days and it is the cheapest deal to take as a visitor.

 January  is the cheapest month to travel to London

June is the most expensive month of travelling.


Summer In London


The hottest and busiest months in London is between July and August when temperature can hit 30 °C,lots of visitors are seen during this period and the weather can be quite hot. Making use of the underground train can be very sticky and hot. However, this is the time to enjoy tourism in London. In May and June, lesser visitors are  seen and  they  are lesser around July and August.

Winter In London

The festive period of December is the best time to be in the city for shopping and holiday. The city is lit with mesmerizing light displays from the month of November and there are lots of festivals to experience. The nightlife becomes lively especially on New Year’s Eve with parties and celebrations.

London Bargain Breaks


Visitors who would want to have an affordable holiday in London can visit the city during November 1st to December 1st  and also from January to March every year which is known to be the low seasons. This is the period when prices are seen to fall due to the changes in temperatures and the city’s museums, galleries, shows and lots of exciting activities that is blended with a great nightlife and affordable accommodation gives a visitor an exciting time in London


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