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Tourist Luxury Service In Hotel Du Vin Cambridge

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Are you thinking of a hotel that you would use and get a first degree luxury? One hotel that would come to your mind is the Hotel du Vin Cambridge. This is where the fun comes to play in accommodation. There are a lot of facilities that have made this hotel to be one of the best that you can make use of. The labyrinth that got the nooks and crannies wrapped up exposes these exotic wonky and brickwork staircases that you would find this hotel that was once a university. History is not neglected because of the number of pictures that shows the ever exciting college summer ball that is adorning the walls of the hotel.

Hotel du Vin Cambridge

Once, this place has witness happy moments for students who had dined and party around the building.  A walk to the Brown Brothers Room which is a gorgeous suite that you would find on the top floor of the building would blow your mind. In this room, there is a king sized bed that is decorated with velvet covered sofa and Egyptian cotton sheets. However, this is not the showstoppers, take a peek at the super sized walk in shower and you would find the free standing roll top bath that has been strategically placed right in front of this show.  This is what would allow any visitor watch television while socked in suds.

This hotel is for those who want to be spoilt with luxury and exceptional services. You can make use of a bottle of Miller & Harris as a complimentary service while you are inside the tub.  There are a lot of drinks for you to select from. The hotel bar is amazing and has what you desire, no matter your preference. You can be a heavy or light drinker and the hotel has everything for you.  You are served with the house champagne with pots of olives and nuts that are dainty. Food is one of the things that people would ask you of when they come to places like this.

Hotel du Vin Cambridge

The restaurant is designed to overlook the Trumpington Street which is a popular street. A lot of tourists are seen coming here because of the historic buildings that are here like the Fitzwilliam Museum, Corpus Christi and Peterhouse and the colleges of St Catharine's, to name a few. The meals are great and would give you that taste that is blissful.  The dinner menu can be classic French that would be filled with flavour. There are just a lot of these recipes and menus that would give you a run for your money.

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Hotel du Vin Cambridge

You can visit the historic Eagle pub which was used in World War II by airmen. This was the place that the discovery of DNA by scientist was first announced before the whole world got the good news. You are treated to superb services, amazing menus and an extraordinary view to the outside. You just cannot beat the beauty and services that are provided for everyone who would make use of this place.




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