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Trip To John O'groats In Scotland, Uk

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Hello my name is Dom.

I’d like to tell you about my trip to John O’ Groats in Scotland, United Kingdom.

I have an old camper van and I like to just load it up and set off without any real plan apart from my destination.

I had two weeks off work and my friend and I decided to go to John O’ Groats. I don’t know why I wanted to go but I’ve heard so much about it that I thought I should take a look for myself. I’ve already been to Lands end and I thought I’d like to do both ends of the country. So we (my friend and my dog) set off from the lakes and just headed North. There are many campsites in the country so we just travelled during the day and started looking for campsites around 6pm usually with the idea of the next one, although sometimes we didn’t like the look of them and tried the next one, or maybe it was full. On the first night we stopped around Loch Lomond which was very picturesque. We set up camp and were fortunate to have a hook-up. We decided to explore the area and retired with a few glasses of wine.

The next day we headed further North and stopped off at Ben Nevis, Fort William. We looked around souvenir shops but never attempted to walk the up the highest mountain in Scotland. After a quick walk around we headed up the Caledonian Canal which can take you from Fort William right up to Inverness and this can be done via a boat too. One day I’d like to hire a boat and head up through here and maybe I’ll bump into Loch Ness.  There is a little village near Loch Ness with lots of souvenirs. We headed on up the road that runs along side which we were lucky enough to have a lovely sunny day and the views were just amazing. We stopped at the many parking bays to admire as it get dangerous when your driving to gaze at the mountains and lochs. There also some castles dotted along.

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We had a look around Inverness and stocked up on wine and food and then headed further North and it gradually gets less and less populated. We ended up on a little campsite in Embo in Dornoch. It was out on a little Peninsular and very windy but a really nice little spot.

We had a walk around the village and it rained heavily. So we took shelter in a pub and eventually made it back to the camper.

The following day we packed up and headed north following the coast, passing through Wick and not much else bigger.

Eventually we saw signs for “John O’ Groats” and obviously took pictures.

And then we arrived in John O’ Groats. We were disappointed to see the hotel had closed some e8 years previous. There were tow campsites and we set up for 3 days. We explored the beaches and saw many seals. We also booked a small boat to view Stroma and saw lots of wildlife including puffins, which are much smaller than I thought but great to see, and an amazing amount of Seals. At some times of the year they say you can se killer whales. We didn’t see any. We also saw the Swilkie Whirlpool, which is the first whirlpool I’ve ever seen. It was a large calm piece of water about 50m diameter and it was swirling gently while the rest of the sea was rough.

The beaches are lovely and there are many walks, but nothing else. I also noted that there were no trees!

The best thing about travelling around Scotland is that there are many coastal roads and some of the best scenery I’ve ever seen!

If you ever get the chance hire a camper or stay in B&B’s and explore Scotland, you won’t be disappointed!

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