Kiev To Prague By Bus

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You cannot get to Kiev and not go to the St. Sophia Cathedral. It is a unique place and it does not matter whatever religious denomination you belong to. This cathedral is the most visited attraction in Ukraine and a wonderful example of sacred art.

Kiev To Prague by Bus


Prague is synonymous with magic and in the Old Town or the Stare Mesto; it is savored best by all the splendor and irresistible charm of this city. Do not miss the antique clock embedded on the facade of the building. The alleys and ancient buildings of the Old Town complete the fairy tale impression of Prague.

Here are the available modes of transport from Kiev to Prague.

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Kiev To Prague by Bus

The distance from Kiev to Prague is 1419 km. If you’re taking the Lviv Inturtrans bus line, the travel time is 27 hours and 56 minutes. First, you must take the bus that departs from Kiev and bound to the city of Wroclaw (22 hours and six minutes; available once a week for US$33), from Wroclaw, you must take the Polski bus (four hours and 50 minutes; available daily for US$11) that will take you to the city of Prague. To make reservations and know the latest schedule, check:

If you choose to drive from Kiev to Prague, the travel time is 13 hours and eight minutes.

Kiev To Prague by Bus

Kiev To Prague by Train

Railway transport is another viable option when travelling from Kiev to Prague. First, you must take the bus journey (20 hours and 40 minutes; via OsnadoTransport for US$40) from Kiev city that is bound to the train station in Olomouc. From here, you must take the Czech Railways (Line Regional) train to Prague (2 hours and 40 minutes for US$13).

Kiev To Prague by Air

There are four airlines that cover the Kiev to Prague flight route. If you’re taking a non-stop flight, the travel time is two hours and five minutes. The cost of air fare begins from US$140 to US$370. To book flights, visit:

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