Stunning Vacation Places In Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is the second largest city in United Arab Emirates and it is the capital of the region, which is located on a T-shaped island that meets the Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi is considered among the most beautiful cities in the world  and has become tourists haven in the Middle East.  The richest Formula 1 race in the world takes places here and was considered in 2007 according to CNN as the richest city in the world. There are lots of tourist attraction centers like the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is argued as the most magnificent contemporary architectural treasures in the Middle East. The city has a lot of hotels and numerous tourist attraction sites that are exciting and mind-blowing.

Make Abu Dhabi your vacation destination and explore more than 2000 beautiful gardens and parks  for your leisure and relaxation.  

Abu Dhabi

Travel to Abu Dhabi and experience its greenery. Abu Dhabi is famous with its broad boulevards, apartment buildings, tall offices and numerous shops.

The Corniche is one of the famous places you can visit when you are in Abu Dhabi. You can visit the Oasis City of Al Ain where you can enjoy peace and tranquility and the Empty Quarter desert in Al Gharbia where the massive dunes are located.  A lot of tourists find history, adventure and culture all encapsulated in this city which is why there are lots of tourists coming to this city.

Visitors who  visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque experiences the architectural prowess of the city. There are lots of ancient sites and forts that are historical and some of them have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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There are numerous natural islands to explore, the ancient sport of falconry to learn and your adrenaline would always rush when you experience the world’s fastest roller coaster in the country. You can discover captivating, intriguing destinations where you climb the highest peak of the Jebel Hafeet.  The Arabian market is where  you can buy exotic items and souvenirs that you can travel home with.

Abu Dhabi tourism

There are different categories of hotels that you can help yourself with, the five star hotels and the low budget hotels, hostels and motels are available for tourists.  Most of these hotels are within the capital and this makes it possible for easy transportation and sight-seeing adventure.

You can make use of various types of vehicles when you are in Abu Dhabi. The taxi services are affordable, however, for a tourist or those coming to the city the first time; it is advisable that the car hire services are used. You can visit Abu Dhabi around the clock but the best time to visit the city can be  from November to February.


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