Train Ticket From Abu Dhabi To Dubai

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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi and its Emirates Palace is very luxurious and particularly spacious with a lot of gold and splendor, and rooms that are truly exquisite and elegant.

Train Ticket From Abu Dhabi To Dubai


Dubai’s Burj Khalifa has mega views of the city and the sea. At the top, guests are only allowed to go out if the winds are not strong.

Here are the available modes of transport from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

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Train Ticket From Abu Dhabi To Dubai

There is no railway transport provider that covers the railway route from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, but it can be accessed easily via taxi cab (take the National Taxi). The travel duration is one hour and 20 minutes and the taxi’s flagged down rate can be estimated to reach US$95.

Train Ticket From Abu Dhabi To Dubai

Bus Ticket From Abu Dhabi To Dubai

The distance between Abu Dhabi to Dubai is 151 km. Take the Dubai RTA bus transport (Line E100) that hails from Abu Dhabi bus terminal to Dubai, Al Ghubaiba. The travel duration is two hours and 15 minutes and the one way bus fare costs US$7. To get the complete list of timetables, bus fares, or make early reservations, check everything here:

If you prefer to drive your car from Abu Dhabi to Dubai; the approximate travel time is one hour and 38 minutes.

Airplane Ticket From Abu Dhabi To Dubai

There is no flight transport company that covers the flight route from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. 

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