America’s Hippest City For Food And History Buffs

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You may have a lot of cities in mind if you are thinking of the United States of America’s hippest city, especially a perfect one for food and history buffs. Do you have any city in mind? Charleston has become the hippest city in America, it has become the favourite after it topped  the US city poll at travel magazine Conde Nast Traveller. This Southern charmer is the home of Bill Murray.


Charleston is famous for its graceful architecture and history. Over the years, a hipster influx has made it become a great destination for those who food in mind. A visit to a town that has food and history with great architectural edifices would be endearing to those who love travelling.  There are a lot of things that would keep busy when you are in Charleston.

The City’s Orientation

King Street is seen running wildly through downtown. What do you do here? Your bearings are gotten here.  The upper King is fully focused on the dining and design, the middle King Street is designed to be of fashion oriented and the lower King Street is filled with historic houses and antique shops. This is where you would find the Nathaniel Russell House in Meeting Street.


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You can learn more about the city when you take a horse drawn carriage on Market Street, this trip would give you a clear view of the city. You are sure of discovering a lot about the city.  The first morning carriage tour can offer you a discounted ticket which may be a way of saving money in your tour ride.

Glam It Up

You can have a special evening with chef Michelle Weaver at the Charleston Grill. You would experience live jazz and even classic southern elegance that is soothing. Maybe, you can even try the Circa 1886 that is located in the Wentworth Mansion. Its menu can start from $45. A visit to the modern dining can be done at The Ordinary on King Street.  There is Chef Mike Lata’s restaurant that is located in an old bank, it is specialized in oysters.


The Cheap Places

You can visit the Angel Oak that is away from downtown, we mean the John Island. This is the oldest tree east that is of the Mississippi River. This is free place. There are numerous beaches that you can visit here. This includes the Folly beach, the Isle of Palms and the Sullivan’s Island.

You can even stroll along the city’s promenade where you take in the historic markers in the beautiful mansions South of Broad, Rainbow Row; this is a stunning colorful row of famous historic houses and then the sea air that is fresh make it worth visiting.  You can learn how to cook the Southern classics at the Charleston Cooks.  

New Things


Charleston still has new things that are happening in it despite its great buildings. There is the Leon’s Oyster Shop, this is where you would find the best friend chicken sandwich.


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