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hawaii vacationsI am a student and I keep waiting for vacations throughout the year. I always plan something new to make my vacations special. Last year, I spent my vacations in Hawaii. It was my ever best vacations. Nature has blessed Hawaii with magnificent beauty. Everyone must visit this exceptionally beautiful place. It really made my vacations special.

Oahu is the gateway of Hawaii. Maximum tourists enter Hawaii from Oahu.  It’s a great crowd puller which attracts not only tourists but also Hollywood. Oahu has been featured in many Hollywood films including Pirates of The Caribbean. Oahu is a beautiful island surrounded by mountains and ocean. It is just like a pearl in the ocean. Honolulu was my stop. It’s an extremely beautiful place. There are hundreds of tourist spots to visit in Honolulu. You could choose as per your aspiration. I started from Pearl Harbor. It was my first stop in the city. It’s a wonderful tribute to the terrible war time. Here, first of all you’ll watch a very interesting video. Then they’ll bring you to the boat and you would be taken to Arizona Memorial. The moment when you see Arizona Memorial from the boat literally makes you speechless.

Arizona memorial is a great place and a ‘must see’ in Honolulu. It is the most liked tourist place also. I liked the submarine and the audio tour.  There are many things that you would love to capture in your camera. Bags are not allowed inside the memorial but you could carry a camera with you. My experience with this place was interesting, beautiful and unforgettable.  Don’t miss this tour from Pearl Harbor to Arizona Memorial. It is a ‘must do’ in Hawaii.

hawaii vacations

My vacations really got a good start. I was very happy. The next place I visited was Diamond Head. This place offers beautiful hiking trails, Volcanoes, and the most interesting is the breathtaking view of Honolulu.  You would also get to see the most astonishing view of world famous Waikiki beach. I enjoyed the hiking very much. The view from the top was hawaii vacationsspectacular. I had an amazing experience with this place. I highly recommend this place to all. It would add beauty to your Hawaii travel.

The magnificent view of Waikiki beach from the top of the Diamond Head really inspired me to spend my first evening at this beautiful beach. Waikiki beach is one of the most famous and splendid beaches of the world. No trip to Hawaii is complete without visiting Waikiki beach. The view of the beach was incredibly beautiful. The water was crystal clear. You could see hundreds of people surfing on this beach. It’s a great place to chill out. I took sunbath and it was an extremely relaxing experience. If you visit this place then don’t miss the sunset. Sunset looks exceptionally beautiful from this place. You would really enjoy your time at Waikiki beach. It is highly recommended. After watching the marvelous sunset view on Waikiki beach, I moved back to my hotel. I was very happy with my first day in Hawaii. I was looking forward to explore the beauty of Honolulu.

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 Next morning, I started my travel with all new enthusiasm. First of all, I visited Hanauma Bay which is another marvelous beauty in the lap of Honolulu. It’s a great place to start your morning. The view from the top was spectacular. I was more than amazed. The beach really looks awesome from the top that you never mind paying fee to go down. The fishes and turtles were amazing. Many people were enjoying winter snorkeling. I kept watching the incredible beauty of nature. It was one of the most beautiful sceneries that I have seen anywhere around the world. You must visit this place. You would definitely love it.

If you want to have the wonderful experience of being in a rainforest then Manoa Falls is your place. Manoa Falls is a beautiful waterfall and this place offers you an adventures hiking trail through a rainforest. The hiking trails in this area are not for casual walker because at some points it really gets slippery. There is a tiny wading pool at the bottom of waterfall. hawaii vacationsThe view of waterfall was a beauty. I enjoyed my time at this beautiful place. Makapuu Lighthouse Trail and Koko Head Crater Trail Hike are other beautiful hiking trails in Honolulu.

After Oahu, my next destination was Lahaina in Maui. This place is a nature’s bliss. Beauty is in the air! There are many exceptionally beautiful beaches in Lahaina. If you love surfing then this is your heaven. The most magnificent beach is Ka’anapali beach. The sunset looks awesome from Ka’anpali Beach.  When you go visit Lahaina, do not forget to watch Warren and Annebelle’s Show. I really loved that place. I never enjoyed anything more than this show. You would get lost in the comedy. The show was full of laughter and I was laughing loudly even after the end of the show. The excellence of this place can’t be described in words. Warren is an unbelievable Magician. His tricks will make you laugh out loud. This place is highly recommended. If you missed this place, you have missed Hawaii.

Another ‘must visit’ place in Lahaina is The Birdstand. This place is very unique and interesting.  Here, you could meet the coolest birds of the world. You could get your portrait taken with the beautiful and cute birds. The parrots are very cute and well trained. The owner is a very nice person and tells you the different poses for photograph. I highly recommend this place. It is not to be missed.

My next morning in Lahaina was probably the most beautiful morning of my life. I did mountain biking to see the miraculous sunrise at Haleakala Crater. It was a long way but the roads were good and the sunrise was breathtaking.  I just felt in love with this place. It was the most dramatic sunrise of my life and an unforgettable experience. You must visit this place. It was one of the best things I did in Hawaii. I would definitely visit here again. This place is highly recommended.

Next day, I bid adieu to Maui and headed to Koloa, Kauai. I had heard a lot about the adventure of ziplines. I wanted to experience it. Koloa ziplines is the place where I did it. It was really very adventurous and thrilling.  I was feeling as if I was flying through the forest and gliding across the river. It hawaii vacationswas a unique experience that I never felt before. It was absolutely amazing. It’s a ‘must do’ in Hawaii. You would get numerous unforgettable memories.

Another ‘must visit’ place in Koloa is Seasport Divers. They give a SCUBA class in the morning and then they take the students to the dive locations. It was a very exciting experience. I was doing this for the very first time but I really enjoyed it. This place is highly recommended to all. It will add more fun and adventure to your tour.

Well, that was all about my Hawaii Vacations. Hawaii is a very special place filled with extremes of natural beauty. Every moment I spent in Hawaii is very special and I love to cherish that time. I would definitely plan another tour to Hawaii. It’s a great place.

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Could you please how much it will cost if four people wants to go for vacation at Hawaii.

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