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holiday in usaAfter winning a bet with my brother, I got a 15 day holiday package in USA sponsored by him. It’s been two months now, but I am still in the hangover of this trip. I never knew that it would become a life time experience. Being a single traveler, I was wishing someone to go with me. Then I met with a group of 10 people. All of them were going on the same holiday package as mine.  We introduced ourselves.  We were all set to experience the extreme beauty of the United States.

We utilized these 15 days in the best way. We triggered our journey from New York City to Miami. Washington DC was our first stop. One thing I would like to appreciate is that, all the museums in the City offer a free entrance.  The war memorials give an emotional touch to the museums. I still remember that different feeling, when I was walking around them.

The great Smokey Mountains, near Virginia has some exceptionally beautiful area for hiking. My eyes were amazed to see that extreme beauty of nature. We did the white water rafting. It was an all new experience. After enjoying this extreme beauty, we hit the road and reached our next destination Tennessee. This place is famous for Jack Daniels brewery. If you love whisky, then you would definitely love this place. I recommend all the whiskey lovers to visit here and have the experience of inhaling whiskey fumes every time you breathe. In the town next to Tennessee, there are many souvenir shops. I bought a Jack Daniels Bear Mug from one of the shops.

Next day, we woke up early in the morning. We were set for our next haul down trip to New Orleans!  New Orleans is world-famous for its jazz festival. The people celebrate their culture and music annually on jazz festival. I feel myself very lucky to be a spectator of this Festival. It’s one of the most fascinating cities of the world. You would feel the fumes of culture and never- ending music is touching your souls. If you want to feel something out of the world, I recommend you to visit New Orleans. It won’t be wrong if I call this city a “Blend of history & culture”. New Orleans’ nighttime party hubs are famous all around the planet. Well, it was a Saturday and our tour leader gave us a surprise! He told us that we all were going to a party club for a Saturday night party. That moment was just awesome. We hit the road and reached a party club. One thing that I love to cherish is, people throwing beads of necklace down from the terrace and mutely saying, “Wear them around your neck”. We danced like crazy and then tried a jambalaya dish. It was a mixture of rice and shrimp with a little bit of chicken pieces. It was so spicy that it just spiced up our mood. I was enjoying the best night of my life. Then started the session of drinks! I must say, wine makes you go crazy. We all were dancing like it was the last day of our life. We wanted to suck the every drop of happiness from those moments. We enjoyed the best of our lives. Next day when I woke up, I realized that the drinks had left headache for me. But never mind! It was really the best night of my life. I would definitely visit New Orleans again in future.

The next adventure of my trip was getting to stay in Orlando for two full days. That was something I was looking forward to!! Orlando…The City beautiful. You can guess by its nickname that how beautiful this city would be. This City is known as “The Theme Park capital of the world” as the Walt Disney world Resort commonly known as “Disney World” is sitting in the lap of this beautiful city. I wanted to visit this place since I was a little girl. Being in Orlando was a dream come true. I recommend everyone to visit this City for sure. You will get tons of beauty to stock up under your eyelashes. Your eyes will spark with happiness and your heart would pat your back!

When I entered the Walt Disney world resort, I feel like it was saying, “Feel the magic”. That moment was simply great. We visited the theme parks of Walt Disney. I was amazed to see the theme parks. There are four theme parks in total. Each park has an icon. We started with Magic kingdom which has Cinderella Castle as its icon. The feeling of being a spectator of such beauty cannot be expressed in words. We all used to watch Cinderella and her castle on our TV sets but viewing it live takes you to some another world. After this, we walked into second theme park Epcot. It has spaceship earth as its icon. It is one of the majestic manmade beauties. Watching “The Sorcerer‘s Hat” which is the icon of third theme park Disney Hollywood studio was also amazing. At the end, we walked into the Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It has The Tree of magic as its icon. I used to watch this tree in Gummy Bears, my favorite cartoon series. Wow! It was the most wonderful day of my life. If you have kids, and you really want to do something great for them, just take them to Disney world. Your Kids will be happy as never before. It will make you Proud and happy Parents. After observing this wondrous beauty, we went back to our hotel rooms.

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The second last day of our trip was having a beach camping in Florida. When our tour leader took the curtains off from this surprise, we started shouting out of excitement. I was on cloud nine. We spent time on beach. It was a great place to chill out. It’s great to see Dolphins swimming beside you. It was something that I still love to cherish. I was observing the view very enthusiastically. My other group members were taking sun bath. We did the jet skiing. It was an all awesome experience.  Then we had a quick tour to Key Largo crocodile country. We watched wrestling show of crocodiles. I was amazed to watch that! I swear! After having all these astounding experiences, we were onto Miami.

Miami was our final destination for this tour. On the evening before my return flight, I was feeling very sad because this amazing journey had come to an end and my 10 new friends were packing their bags to go back to their home. We exchanged our phone numbers and emails.

This trip was simply wonderful. This was the best holidays of my life. I was ready with a plan of coming USA again when my plane took off.  This tour gave me lots of good memories that I love to cherish always. Now, I am planning a family holiday in USA. Cheers!! I recommend all to plan a tour to USA once. It is surely going to be the best moments of your life.

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