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My fiancée and I are into environmental conservation and travelling therefore, we always settle for a destination that captures our interests so that we engage in fun activities as well as learn familiarize ourselves with the various conservation efforts. It is for these reasons that we recently set out to explore Hawaii with our main focus being Midway Atoll. This is a wonderful destination for people who appreciate environmental conservation because there is so much to learn and see. In fact, Midway Atoll exceeded our expectations. If you are planning to go there, you need to know that the Atoll that is made up of three Islands namely Eastern, Split as well as the largest sand and has a diameter of 5 meters is managed by non-profit marine conservation organization known as Oceanic Society.

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The organization is in-charge of conservation efforts involving monitoring research, habitat restoration and historical restoration as well as tourism as it has a history of bringing in tourists. This is evident in the fact that you need to book your visit of the Atoll with them. This means that you need to set aside at least one week in order to exhaustively explore this Atoll through educational tours as well as other fun activities like bird watching and even snorkeling. In addition, you will not have to worry about finding accommodation as the organization makes arrangements for modest accommodation at the restored barracks. This facility takes into account all groups of people thus, you can opt for a queen bed or a single bed. There is sufficient supply of running water, electricity and air conditioning so the hygiene standards here are excellent. The facility also caters for buffet style meals at Clipper House, a location overlooking the beautiful coral white sand beach. Dining here was such an awesome experience because we often got the opportunity to interact with the locals who are allowed here since they are only estimated to be 60 in number.

Travel to Hawaii

Some of the experiences that we enjoyed during our one week stay at the Atoll include an orientation of the Atoll and its wildlife from the USFWS rangers and living with the albatross whose population is so great. The oceanic society understands too well how to manage the numbers thus we were divided into groups of twelve for ease of movement. One of the things that will excite you is the fact that Midway Atoll is known to be the world’s largest fully protected marine area. This is seen in the abundance of the coral reef as well as other related species that are intact. Seeing the seabird colonies was just a breathtaking sight as it adds value to the island’s marine life. We also got to learn a little history on the role of this island in the struggle for power during World War II as it is said to have been a turning point. If you love watching birds, then you will definitely enjoy seeing the different albatross species like the Laysan, the Black footed, Bonin petrels, wedge tailed, great frigatebird, ethereal, Christmas shearwater and the short tailed in addition to 16 other seabird species. Apart from the birds, we also saw spinner dolphins that are an endangered species, the Hawaiian monk seal and green sea turtles. We also rented bikes that allowed us to fully explore the three islands. If you love snorkeling then you will be pleased to know that you can get an opportunity to snorkel and see the various fish and coral species. To cap it all, we also had evening lectures that are conducted by the USFWS with the aim of educating and sensitizing visitors about the conservation efforts that go on within the island. 

By the end of our one week stay in Midway Atoll we decided to spend the rest of our holidays on the larger Hawaii island that has very many worthwhile spots. Our first stop was the USS Arizona Memorial /WW II Valor in the Pacific National Monument that is a must see especially if you want to connect with history. Standing on the white arc memorial gave us a truly rewarding feeling. There is a tree symbol that has been incorporated in the memorial making it poignant and beautiful. It is here that we also got an opportunity to see the names of those that chose to come back. Being here evokes very strong feelings.

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Travel to Hawaii

Another place that you need to visit is the pearl harbor that is also a historic site worth visiting as it equally evokes many emotions of loss, honor as well as respect especially having watched it in the movie Pearl Harbor. It is even more exciting to hear stories from war heroes that share their experiences so that you get a first hand feel. You will also do well to visit Shangri La that was Doris Duke’s home that was built in 1930 and is quite significant to architecture as it includes a good Islamic artwork collection.  The house is full of wonders on both the on the floors and walls as every room has a magnificent look. The house is surrounded by a garden that is perfect making it a very beautiful estate.

Travel to Hawaii

Diamond Head Monument is also a great tourist attraction that you need to visit. The Diamond Head Crater covers 350 acre land and is great for hiking for all members of the family. It only took us 90 minutes to get to the peak and back. The views at the top are amazing.  However, if you are driving then you must get there in good time so that you can get ample parking space. Going to the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park was also another great idea as we got into the submarine where we listened to a free audio guide as we explored a number of interesting parts. Seeing the conditions was simply amazing. We were lucky the place was not crowded. If you are on holidays in Hawaii together with your children then you will need to consider taking them there.

Travel to Hawaii

Although I do not like museums, my fiancée insisted that we visit the Bishop Museum where you will get a great opportunity to experience arts, culture and history of the Hawaiian people. We totally loved the place that I was tempted to say that there is no better place to learn Hawaiian culture than this museum. We also spent some time at the Lyon Arboretum that has beautiful plants covering 194 acres. Our experience is this garden could not be complete without going to the water falls for more of the breathtaking scenery all for a $5 fee. Our final stop was the Fort DeRussy Beach Park where you can enjoy activities like kayaking and biking. The beach experience is unbeatable from the water to the sand and the general friendly atmosphere. You will do well to consider staying at the outrigger reef hotel that is close to this beach. It was also great watching the beautiful sunset from here as well as the blue sky. There are also great displays as well as information and static displays. As we took our flight back home, we were delighted to have spent our holidays in Midway Atoll and Hawaii and yes the memories are still fresh. So if you are planning to go to Hawaii, be sure to have much fun and adventure as you relax. 

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