Los Angeles To Utah By Bus

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Los Angeles

A wonderful place, which is ideal for spending a vacation with family or special friend is Los Angeles. A place which never sleeps and is always busy.

Los Angeles to Utah by Bus


A place to play and enjoy the snow activities is Utah. The world best snow is found in this place and your kids will have great time here.

Here are the available modes of transport from Los Angeles to Utah

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Bus Ticket from Los Angeles to Utah

The distance between Los Angeles and Utah is 667 miles. There are bus facilities available between Los Angeles and Utah. You should board your bus from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, which is 4 hours, 30 minutes. This bus is available just once in a day and the cost of this bus ticket is $16 to $20. Next, you should take a bus from Las Vegas to Salt Lake, Utah, which is a 8 hour trip. Your bus ticket is going to be around $50 to $70 and they are also available just once in a day.

Train Ticket from Los Angeles to Utah

There are no direct trains available from Los Angeles to Utah.

Los Angeles to Utah by Bus

Flight Ticket from Los Angeles to Utah

This is the most preferred option to reach Utah from Los Angeles. You will have to board your flight at the Los Angeles LAX airport to Salt Lake, Utah. The trip is for one hour and 40 minutes, nonstop flight. The flight ticket would cost you around $85 to $260. If there are stopping in between, then the duration of the flight is going to increase and also the ticket fare is also going to increase. You also have flights from many other routes to Utah.

If you can drive your own car, then you can reach Utah with just $70 and the time taken is 11 hours. So this is also a good idea if you want to reach the place faster and in your budget. You can take a taxi also but that can be costly than the car that you drive on your own. 

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