Miami Beach Heats Up In December With The World’s

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In the beginning of December, Miami Beach proves its esteem in the field of fine art with an unparalleled series of art events across the city. In preparation for the modern art festivals, I began searching for the best of the best in town for Art Basel, the world’s hottest art fair.

Art Basel is the gold standard of art fairs for its wide array of world-renowned galleries and artists and exploration of all art forms. The large-scale event has several other modern art satellite shows set up throughout Miami Beach dedicated to innovation in art and exposing underrepresented artists. The show runs from December 1-4. Find comfort in the traditional Bass Museum of Art, featuring fine art and an exhibit of modern sculpture premiering just in time for Art Basel on the 30th of November.

I found that Art Basel also extends its expertise to other facets of the artistic world beyond painting and traditional mediums. You can find anything from interior design  (Design Miami from November 30 to December 4), to print and publishing on your visit to Miami Beach. With Art Basel’s stamp of approval, you can trust that the art and exhibits are of the highest quality.

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