Miami, Florida - Our Most Memorable Vacation

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What better than Miami Florida for a lovely fun filled holiday. My girlfriend and I were super excited at the prospect of flying all the way to Miami to enjoy the sun, surf, sand and all that Miami had to offer. Miami is located on the Atlantic coast of south east Florida. It is not only famous for its beaches but also for its numerous natural parks, the everglades and a whole load of other outdoor activities.

Miami, Florida - Our most memorable vacation

My girlfriend and I always wanted to visit Miami because of its numerous outdoor activities, perfect climate, sun, water sand and lots more.We both love the outdoors and Miami is paradise for people who love the outdoors. We started our day by visiting the Biscayne National Park. Located off the coast of Miami is this 181,500 acre wonderland filled with vibrant coral reefs where we could go snorkeling, scuba diving, canoeing or fishing. This park is far from the stereotypical parks. Only 5% is land in the Biscayne National Park which includes the coral reefs and a mangrove shore line. There was no entrance fee and we decided to start with a reef cruise where we came in contact with over 325 varieties of fish, crab, shrimp and even different birds like herons and cormorants. The flora fauna of the bay was very unique and colorful. We also took the snorkeling tour which was about three hours and got to see fabulous species of star coral, yellow snapper, angel fish and much more. We enjoyed a small picnic along the Mangrove Shore. It was a lovely day .We ended our day with a tour on glass bottomed boat.

We had already read a lot on Miami and were very keen on visiting Vizcaya Museum and its gardens.  Vizcaya was built by James Deering the industrialist in 1916 as his winter vacation home. It stands as a lovely evocation to Renaissance Italy. The gardens of Vizcaya were truly magnificent. There was even a maze and we had fun trying to find our way out. The villa’s ornately decorated rooms and gorgeous tapestry was really wonderful. The entire place had a very European feel to it and was very different to the rest of Miami.

Miami, Florida - Our most memorable vacation

The other garden we did visit was the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. The garden is located on 4 ½ acre’s right in the heart of South Beach. The garden features flowers like orchids, a huge collection of subtropical palms and bromeliads. We were told to ask for the “autograph tree”, where several stars had signed, who had either passed through or visited the gardens. The walk through the gardens was lovely and peaceful. The best part of the garden is that we were right in the heart of South Beach and it was so peaceful and quiet!

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The next day we decided to visit Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park for a nice log trek. We visited the old light house which is the oldest standing structure in Miami Dade County. We walked along the sea wall, enjoying the open view of the ocean. We also explored the natural trails on the west side of the park. We had a bite for lunch at the Lighthouse Café. We decided to camp overnight on a boat and enjoy the water and the stars. It was indeed a lovely evening.

Miami, Florida - Our most memorable vacation

People had told us to try the Old Cutler Trail. The trail is about eleven miles long and runs through a lovely residential area, schools, parks and some historical sites too. The scenery along the trial was so lovely it kept us so occupied the whole time. Walking through these trails we really got to see a side of Miami that was beautiful and we got to soak up the sun at the same time.

The other must do in Miami is the Everglades National Park. The Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical park in the United States. One gets to see rare and endangered species and is also known as the “The River of Grass.”It is also a World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve. It looks like a swamp but it’s a slow moving shallow river. It’s also the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators live side by side. The expanse of saw grass is so much that the pleasure was all in walking through and admiring the beauty and wilderness. The best way we were told was to take the Shark Valley Tram Tour, which is a two hour tour through the Everglades and gave us the opportunity to see the wildlife and enjoy the surroundings. We also did a fabulous airboat tour and enjoyed whizzing along the water and seeing the alligators on the banks. It was a super day.

Miami, Florida - Our most memorable vacation

The best vantage point to see Miami is from the water and that’s exactly where we were heading. We decided to hire a boat and head straight to the water. We cruised along the Miami shore line and went past the famous Millionaires Row. We even decided to do a catamaran tour for some fun. The waterfront in Miami is filled with loads of activities and the people are very friendly and a lot of fun.

Of course, coming all the way to Miami and not visiting South Beach was absolutely out of the question! So off we went with our swim suits on, lots of sun screen and hit South Beach. The best beach for people watching is South Beach and the best part is that one never gets bored looking at the people around South Beach. We walked the entire length of South Beach. Walked past the beach where most of the surfers are and then went to the gay part of South Beach. It was great fun. The clothes were funky and colorful. We walked further up to Sunny Isles Beach and Pier which is the only traditional pier for walking and fishing. It was much more peaceful and quiet when compared to the rest of South Beach. The scenery around was also very picturesque.

Miami, Florida - Our most memorable vacation

The night life in Miami is something anyone should experience .We were out almost every night partying till dawn. The food in Miami is simply lovely. People are very fun loving and easy to get along with. We had a great time. Miami is filled with roof tops bars with big lovely pools and the night life high on the roof was fabulous. South Beach is 24 hours where the fun never stops and will never end.

The art scene in Miami is lovely and we visited the Art Deco District. We decided to do a self guided audio tour that took us around the world’s greatest concentration of art in the 1930’s.It was absolutely splendid. We also visited Little Havana and got to taste some fabulous Cuban food and also lovely Cuban coffee.

We had a great fun in Miami and who would not? It is a sure shot place to be if you want to enjoy the maximum with your loved ones. It is a city filled with a multitude of things to do! Our holiday was absolutely superb and we would love to visit Miami again for a holiday. If going on a holiday anywhere in the world then Miami is definitely a must visit.

Miami, Florida - Our most memorable vacation




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