My Fun Packed Holiday In Florida

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My Fun Packed Holiday in Florida

Florida is one of the best places to visit in the US. The people are friendly, the weather is perfect and with so many fun places to visit, your vacation is bound to be as thrilling as mine was.

I had planned out my vacation for months and when I finally heard the announcement that we just landed in Miami International Airport I couldn’t wait to get off the plane. According to my holiday in Florida itinerary, my first stop was obviously the fun beaches of Miami. Just the mere mention of Miami makes me think about lying around by the beach with a cocktail in my hand and a nice clear sky. And this is exactly what I did on my first day. The good thing about Miami Beach’s is that the people are very friendly so even the worst of introverts will make friends quickly and hence a more fun experience.

holiday in florida 

After a day of swimming and enjoying the sun, I got to enjoy a game of volleyball at night. One of the major things you will notice about Miami Beach’s is that there is always life whether it is day or night. If it’s not people swimming and playing water sports during the day then it is a beach party at night or a group of friends catching up and playing games.

Next on my itinerary was the Viczaya Museum and Gardens. I always make a point of making sure that I fit in a history tour in all my vacations and what better way to learn about Florida than this national landmark?

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holiday in florida 

Built as a vacation home for winter in 1916 by James Deering, this museum is a work of art when it comes to architectural design and incredibly beautiful and majestic gardens. Viczaya is open every day from 9.30 to 4.30 except on Tuesdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would advise you to go early since Miami can get very hot as the day progresses. You can have a guided tour either on your own or as a group and view the magnificent architecture and gardens. If unlike me you get to holiday in Florida in March then you are in luck since you can have a moonlight garden tour of Viczaya. After my tour I got to hang around at the Viczaya Café which had great drinks and fresh sandwiches. I am definitely going to make sure that I visit Viczaya the next time I holiday in Florida which will be soon, hopefully.

my florida holiday

Design District in Miami Florida was my next stop and with so much to look at and great places to chill out, I will have to admit that I did not get enough of Design District. This is one of the most chilled out parts of Miami with less crowds and instead just simple art lovers who enjoy a peaceful art walk and shopping of course. For shop-a-holics, you will not be disappointed since I got to see quite a number of great clothing stores and high end designer stores such as Chrisitian Louboutin.

Though most of my time was spent enjoying the sun, sand and water; I did get to go to downtown Miami where I got to enjoy Cuban coffee at Café Con Leche Express. If you do want to suffer from insomnia I would advice that you just enjoy one cup since the coffee is not only tasty but strong as well. One of the perks of going downtown when you are on holiday in Florida is shopping. This is a great place to buy lots of designer look alike merchandise at pocket friendly prices and I am not ashamed to say that I did get a fabulous Hermes look alike handbag. The quality of the bag is incredibly good too.

After having so much fun and using up all my money, it was time to say goodbye to Miami, Florida. I was disappointed that I did not get to visit the Miami Public Library and the Marina but that’s a good thing since it provides an excuse to plan for another holiday in Florida. Besides visiting Miami, I must make sure that I visit Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

All in all I had fun and fell in love with Miami, Florida.


holiday in florida

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