Orlando For Adults: A Guide To Enjoy The City

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Orlando is known by most as a children's paradise and a mandatory stop when vacation and fun is about. As “The Theme Park Capital of the World”, thousands of families choose this spot to take their kids to enjoy during the school breaks; but what about those who visit the city without kids?

Orlando also offers entertainment for the “not so young” tourists who come looking for the escapade. Unique vibrant nightlife, global cuisine restaurants, open-air adventures, and top-level attractions, including “an expedition to the Everest”, promise to make the best of their journey. Take into account that Orlando is huge so if your plan is to tour out of the Theme Parks you should rent a car that will give you peace of mind at the time of moving around.

Take a look:

Eat like a king

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Orlando hosts a strong culinary scene full of native restaurants, gastronomic tours, eclectic local markets and world-renowned chefs, hard to resist for those who like to indulge their palate.

A great place to start exploring is Winter Park, offering weekly food tours that take you through a bunch of locals with scrumptious food, drinks and a lot of fun! No, these are not chain restaurants! These are the best places to eat in town, where the locals really eat. Some of the most refined options to eat are Prato, serving Italian food in rich culinary landscape and The Ravenous Pig offering sustainable food created with passion and prepared using ingredients sourced in Florida. Another very iconic place to eat in Orlando is Soco, located in attractive Thornton Park, it specializes in Southern cuisine and offers an extraordinary brunch.  

Theme Park Attractions

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Walt Disney World in Orlando also has attractions so that the “not so young can feel like children again”… here are some:

Test Track Presented by Chevrolet: Offering an interactive experience that will take you behind the scenes to the automotive industry. Here, you will have the opportunity to virtually design every detail of your vehicle. The attraction reaches a maximum speed of 65 miles per hour, making it the fastest of Disney parks.


Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain: Covering 6.2 acres in Animal Kingdom, this roller coaster takes you on an expedition through the mountains of the Himalayas. During the tour, you will face the dreaded Yeti, the Guardian of the Mountain, gliding at 50 miles per hour.


Rock n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith: You and your group of friends were/are invited to the next concert of the rock band Aerosmith, and to arrive as soon as possible, the band sends a super-fast limousine. The roller coaster goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds, with a couple of reverse laps and, of course, with music from the band during the whole tour.


The Happy Hour!

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Being on a break from everything sure merits a drink, and guess what? An endless range of lively nightlife awaits visitors to the "City Beautiful” with the epicenter of the dance and the atmosphere that overflows in multiple spaces on Wall Street and Orange Avenue, in the center of the city. The Gran Bohemian Hotel also hosts one of the most elegant nightclubs around, the Bösendorfer Lounge opened to the general public.

 For those wine fans, there are two bars that distinguish Orlando for its diversity and high standards, The Imperial y Eola Wine, specializing in boutique wines, craft beers, and classic cocktails. These bars can be some distance away from each other so make sure to find yourself a good car rental to make the journey easier for you.  Craft beer is also well represented, thanks to the Crooked Can Brewing Company and The Bear and Peacock, which also boasts the first signature that combines the concepts of brewery and distillery throughout Florida.   

As a plus point, Universal CityWalk, Pointe Orlando, and Disney Springs host multiple venues aimed to entertaining/entertain visitors once the sun goes down, so if you look for night fun inside the park, you’ll also find it.


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