Paso Robles To Visalia By Bus

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Paso Robles

Paso Robles is located in San Luis Obispo County in California and aside from the nature parks and museums, the most prominent attractions here are its rows of vineyards and wine cellars. Vineyard tours can be arranged in advance from a local tour operator. Wine tasting is allowed and included in the package.

Paso Robles To Visalia By Bus


Visalia is a small town in California, but it has everything one needs for a comfortable and quiet life. It’s a quiet community and even a short visit will make you want to move there because it is surrounded by well cared farms, unique sights in the world, good food, and shopping centers.

Here are the available modes of transport from Paso Robles to Visalia.

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Paso Robles To Visalia By Bus

The distance from Paso Robles to Visalia is 173 km. There are two bus transport companies that cover this route; Amtrak and Orange Belt Stages. If you’re taking the Line 4012 of Amtrak, the travel duration is three hours and 40 minutes. This trip can be availed twice daily and passes by the Amtrak station in Hanford before heading off to Visalia. The bus fare begins and can be purchased at US$47. To make reservations for your bus ticket, you can do so from here:

If you choose the Orange Belt Stages, the travel time is four hours and 14 minutes. This trip is offered twice a day and has no stop over on any bus station and goes straight to the town of Visalia. The bus fare is also much cheaper at US$19. To get the details of bus schedules, reservations, and other important information regarding bus journey from Paso Robles to Visalia, check their website here:

Paso Robles To Visalia By Bus

Driving your car is another practical option when travelling from Paso Robles to Visalia. The travel time is two hours and 20 minutes.

Paso Robles To Visalia by Train

There is no railway transport service for this journey.

Paso Robles To Visalia by Air

There is no flight service for this route. 

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