Spectacular Tour To Maui

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Travel to Maui

It was the occasion of summer vacations. My college was closed for 6 weeks. I was thinking of planning a vacation to some beautiful place, most likely on an Island. In my college I had three very close friends – Nancy, Kalyn and Isabela. Whenever any of us planned excursion they do no forget to invite each other. In the evening four of us met at the cafeteria for some gossips and burgers. I had already decided in the mind, so I put before them the proposal of tour to magical island of Maui. We all knew about this Island, so it didn’t take much time to agree. In the night I sat before my computer and planned the 5-day itinerary. I booked the airline tickets and hotels online. Maui Island is the 2nd largestHawaiian Islands and is one of the most visited tourist places of the world. This time I got the opportunity, so thought of experiencing it with own body & soul.

Maui was about 4400 miles from our home town Detroit Michigan. And the journey of about 16 hours (no direct flights) to dream Island seemed to be a tiresome job. But when we started off the scenario was quite different. In excitement & celebration we forgot about the distance and suddenly we heard the announcement request to fasten our seat belts as plane was going to land on Hana Airport. The hotel people had sent a cab to receive us at the airport. It took us to the hotel which was about an hour away. The flights arrival time at Hana was in the evening, so I had prepared the exploration tour from next day. We were so much tired that we thought of staying in the hotel to relax for some hours. In the night we went to a nearby club to enjoy light music & dance. We had a warm welcome at the club; at least they know how to care about pretty ladies.

Travel to Maui

Most of the people plan their journey from Maui’s main city Kahului to Hana, to enjoy the 55 miles charismatic highway. I also did so but differently. On day one we started with Helicopter tour of Hana Island. Maui Helicopter tour has become very popular nowadays, as this provides the spectacular view ifIslandfrom the sky. We had booked Blue Hawaiian helicopter service for our purpose. The mesmerizing view of Green Island between the blue seas was so alluring that it can’t be described in words. I recorded all the moments in my brand new SLR Camera. My friends were enjoying beer & singing all the way. Though it was a short journey but we enjoyed it very well. Then we went for rest of day tour around Hana city. We had rented a spacious car for the in & around city tour. We started with Haleakala National Park where we enjoyed about an hour of tranquil at swimming pool. The car driver suggested us for Skyview Soaring which is very famous among new tourists, to glide over 9500 feet above sea.

Travel to Maui

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But we were not interested as we had already done a Helicopter tour. We wanted some beach enjoyment. So we went to Homoa Beach, a half moon shaped beach cherished by tropical climate. I and Isabela put on our sunglasses & sunscreen and lay down on the cool sand to relax. Two of my friends went for Snorkeling. I saw many people surfing and bodysurfing. I am also very much interested in body surfing, but this time I preferred to enjoy sunbathing. In the evening the car dropped us at the hotel. Whole night we gossiped and articulated about the moments we enjoyed on the beach.

Second day tour plan had a little bit twist. This was pre planned. Actually our returning tickets were booked from Hana to our home town. So Hana was our last destination. But if we enjoyed the Hana tour on last day, then there might not have been so much energy left as we had on the first day of tour. The second day itinerary was on opposite side of Hana Island. Means we had to move to western part from eastern part. We tried but could not find any direct flight to Kapalua,Western Island. So we booked tickets on Mokulele Airline to Kahului Island, which is situated at central part of Maui Islands. We headed to Airport Hana(HNM) to catch the flight to Kahului(OCG) and to our surprise it took just 20 minutes to reach the Kahului Island. The flight costs were also not so expensive. It was $110 / person.

Travel to Maui

There was 3 hours more journey to reach theKapaluaIsland. If we continued than our whole day would have been spoiled only in journey. So I changed the plan and decided to stay and see the Kahului Island first, then move to Kapalua Island. Though expert tourists do not commonly prefer Kahului as an ideal place for travel but we had no choice left. We inquired our hotel manager about the sightseeing and he generously booked a cab for us for whole day. Being young girls fond of adventure, we always looked for something sensational. So instead of going to Kanaha pond state wildlife sanctuary, we went to Kanaha Beach County Park to enjoy various sports in midst of cool West Maui Mountains. Then we moved on to a nearby shopping mall to buy our favorite nail polish and Hawaiian necklaces. In the night we enjoyed small cocktail party organized by our hotel people.

Travel to Maui

Third day early in the morning we had a flight at 8.00 A.M. So we woke up early to prepare our baggage for the journey. But Nancy was still sleeping. We shouted but still she was not in a mood to open her eyes. Kalyn went up to the table and brought a pitcher full of chilled water. Before we could understand anything she threw it over her. She screamed and started running here and there, throwing cushions at us. We hold our belly and laughed at the extreme. It was the funniest moment of the tour. Somehow we managed to reach the airport and catch the flight on time. It took about 3 hours to reach the Kapalua Island. Per person the flight charges were about $160. We had pre booked a resort over phone. We went to the resort to keep our baggage and get some shower. The beautiful Kapalua beach was sharing boundaries to Kapalua Resort, which was very near to us, so we didn’t wanted to loose the excitement. Hence we ran for the beach party. This was one of the most picturesque beaches I had ever seen on the tour. The water was blue & clear with colorful rocks & coral. Best place for snorkeling. We decided to swim along with turtles. We even got a chance to get snapped with napping seal. While returning back, we stayed for a while at Kapalua Plantation Restaurant to enjoy fun drink with famous golfers.

Fourth day we had to cover most of the famous Maui Places that we didn’t wanted to miss. This was done in hurry as we were running short of time. We kept on saying to each other “Girls! We will do this next time when we return to this magical Island”. There was one more day left but we wanted to devote it to the road journey of historical Hana Highway. That day we traveled a lot and covered many beaches, park, shopping malls and road scenic beauty.Hawaii holds one of the top beaches of world like Kaanapali Beach,Wailea Beach,Maluaka Beach,D.T.Fleming Beach Park etc. But we hardly had time to enjoy all of them.

Fifth day was one of the most exciting moments when we traveled through exotic rainforest, waterfalls, crossed about 600 curves and 54 bridges, traditional villages & culture and so many other things. It was a journey through a paradise on earth. Beaches are the most familiar places inHawaiibut the scenic highway journey has its own importance in heart of traveler. We returned back but the memories of Mauitour will remain in our heart for ever.

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