Spending Christmas Holiday In La

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holiday in laI enjoy spending my holidays in different parts of the country. Sometimes I just travel to another city and spend the holidays there alone. I know it may sound strange, but it is interesting seeing how people from different parts celebrate the Christmas holidays.

holiday in laI had never been to LA before but had planned to visit a friend from college who moved to the city for a job. She invited me to spend the holidays in the city and I thought it would be a great opportunity to see how the holidays were spent in the city. Moreover, I would also have free accommodation for the holidays, which was a big plus. I therefore set out for my holiday in LA.

One thing that you should be prepared for when you decide to spend a Christmas holiday in LA is that there is no snow. I am from the north. The weather is pretty cool throughout the year and our winters are brutal. Christmas for me always meant playing in the snow and building snowmen. It meant sleigh rides. A white Christmas was all I knew. I never imagined Christmas any other way.

That was until I had a holiday in LA and got to see how other people spend their Christmas holidays. There is nothing like snow in LA. If it ever snowed in LA, there would be a big problem as this would be a sure sign of catastrophic climate change. It was a great change for me spending Christmas in a warm part of the country. It was strange not having to wear a heavy coat or snow shoes every time I left the house. It was certainly a cooler time of the year but it was like summer compared to the bitter cold that I was used to during the Christmas season in the north.

holiday in laAlthough I did not have a white Christmas while in LA, I did have a fantastic time. There were many things that I came across that I picked out as my favorite things for Christmas. One of the most unique things about the holiday in LA was not having the usual Christmas pine trees. The palm trees were instead decorated with lights. It was a great thrill walking down the streets in the night and seeing the tall palm trees that are a landmark of LA decked out in Christmas lights. That certainly got my spirits up for the holidays.

One of the greatest things about a Holiday in LA is the Holiday Boat Parades. If you have been in LA and have not tried a boat parade ride, you have not seen the city yet. The Holiday Boat Parades give you a chance to see the city from a different point of view. The rides are especially great in the nighttime when you will get the chance to see the city fully lit. The boats pass along the Naples Canal where all the houses are decked out in Christmas lights. The effect is great at night especially when the houses are hosting parties. There are also boat parades that go along Huntington Beach and Newport Beach.

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Some people may not enjoy the boat parades as they tend to get very crowded. On one night, I did not feel like being pushed around and decided to take a walk along the Naples Canal instead of taking the Boat parade. It was just as picturesque. I had more time to stop and observe various parts of the canal. The cool evening air was also quite refreshing. This was probably one of the highlights of my holiday in LA.

holiday in laTo really get me into the spirit of the holidays, my friend took me to the Grove. It was awe inspiring to say the least. The Grove showed me that LA goes all the way out when it comes to the holidays. There was a massive Christmas tree all decked out in Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. There was a fantastic water show and train tracks that ran all around the Grove. There was even a little house for Santa decked out in all the Christmas decorations you could imagine.

I also got an opportunity to visit the Mission Inn. This inn is based in Riverside. I had seen photos of the Inn before taking my holiday in LA but nothing had prepared me for what I saw. The inn was decked out in more than 3.5 million lights for the holidays. It was an absolutely magical experience.

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