Suggestions for unique places to visit in New York City

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I am visiting New York City in August. I've neen on several occassions and have seen most of the major sites. Does anyone have any suggestions for some unigue opportunities or possibilities? Does anyone have any suggestions for cheap places to eat


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John Dennis

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Oops! Its November. But then also there are many places to visit in New York like : Empire State Building, Madame Tussaud's, Circle Line River Cruise, New York Skyride, Museum of Modern Art

You may also consider New York Pass guidebook which includes detailed maps and insider tips.

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Must see attractions in New York City are:

Dylan's Candy Bar : Take your kid or your own inner child to this sweet shop in Manhattan.
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum : See the Wax status of famous peoples.
Times Square: Aside from Las Vegas, there is no brighter or more beaming section to a city than Times Square in New York.
Art and light show at Madison Square Garden Park
Katz's Delicatessen : For a city known for its food, it would seem next to impossible to choose just one restaurant to represent it.
Statue of Liberty: Even though most native New Yorkers have only visited it once (or not at all), the Statue of Liberty tends to be the most exciting tourist spot for out-of-towners in New York City.
Brooklyn Bridge : There are several bridges linking Manhattan to other stretches of land, but none more impressive than the Brooklyn Bridge.
Central Park : Even for a city with tall buildings and lots of pavement, local dwellers still need some green in their lives.
McSorley's Old Ale House : While its establishment date is unclear, one fact is crystal--McSorley’s Old Ale House is New York City’s oldest Irish pub.
MoMA/Museum of Natural History/Met/Guggenheim : If there’s one thing New York has got a lot of, it’s museums. The standard go-to’s include the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), Museum of Natural History, the Met, and the Guggenheim.
Fifth Avenue : If upscale shopping is your bag, then Fifth Avenue should be atop your list. Even if you can’t afford to buy, experiencing the glamour surrounding the magnificent stores is worthy of a visit.
The High Line : For years, this elevated railroad line was unoccupied, rusting, and to a certain extent, hazardous. But the city decided to make something of it--thus The High Line was created (or re-created).
Empire State Building : For more than 40 years, the Empire State Building was New York City’s tallest building.

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One of my fav things to do is take long walks, because NYC is such a people-watching, walking city. A great neighborhood to check out is the West Village, because there are so many charming little cafes and boutiques. Check out Christopher St, Cornelia St, and even walk by the Hudson a little if you wish.


I also think Nolita (North of Little Italy, it stands for) is a great area. Very young, unique shops.


You can merge these places by also walking through Soho.

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The Little Odessa place is fun. It is full of wonderful Russian and worldwide meals stores that are not like you would see elsewhere and some fantastic Russian restaurants too.

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