The Seattle Experience

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Travel to Seattle

We have come to the computer age where man lives in an environment evolving rapidly. There may be concerns and issues in every culture and people but as for me, though Seattle may be totally different from the place where I came from, learning along with enjoyment is an important part in my travels. Before proceeding to any places and trips, I always make a list of targeted places and spots in order that I may maximize the days spent in tours. Trip to Seattle is my most awaited vacation where Microsoft Software came from. On top priority of places to visit is the renowned space needle. This is also the land of variety of music from jazz to hip hop, pop to country music among others. Here is my list of top ten must be visited areas in Seattle. These give me the reason not to leave Seattle unless I visited this very historically significant place.

Eiffel Tower for Paris as Space Needle of Seattle was built on 1962. Year 1999 when it was considered as World‘s renowned historical landmark. It was May 2009 when cost of tickets ranged from $16 for adult while $9 for children. Promo coupons or deals are also available. From the Space Needle I saw a wonderful view of Seattle. I was really right when I said to myself that it has got to be my first destination in Seattle.

Then after Seattle Space Needle, new experience awaited me as I witnessed the State Ferries. This is one of the tourist attractions in Washington that is greatly admired. As I boarded the Washington State Ferries, it was no doubt the most magnificent transit that enabled me to see the waters and mountains in Washington that filled my heart for its gorgeousness. I had not only boarded a common ferry to have a view of the place but it is historical for being considered as second largely used transit in Washington. More so, was known as the largest ferry system ever known in the US. My heart leaped seeing the view from water to ground. Mountains were covered with snow and dazzling water was so heart-warming views with all the Orca whales and gulls journeying with us in Washington State Ferry. The view of the city or its cityscape was amazing.

Travel to Seattle

One of my listed destinations was to have a cruise to Tillicum Village. Going to this place located at Blake Island State Park was a 50 minutes magnificent viewing of the scenery. There was a welcoming moments with clamshells and steaming clams. There is this so-called long house where meal is served in buffet style with Traditional Indian Style of Baked Salmon. The Chinook Salmon are cooked on cedar stakes following the traditional style of Northwest Coast Indian.

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It was such an hospitable entertainment featuring the talents of the village with the grace of Tillicum Village Dancers performing in a dim lighted place for us to finish the meal. The presentation and the whole place were magical. There was this certain spellbinding experience to feel the mythical expression of the village. The entire experience was so relaxing and enjoyed by everybody regardless of age.

On 1889 there was a disastrous event that ruined Seattle. I was so excited to see the hidden passages of Seattle. The rebuilding style was totally great where the old and ruins city was just beneath the reconstructed city – an underground. The subterranean speaks for the stories of the old downtown and lives of the people who were once part of the place now considered at the underground of the new city. We were having the assistance of a tour guide then and the stories after the Great Seattle Fire was truly inspiring. We tour around the place for 1 ½ hours. The spot is open year round but its schedule of tours varies depending with the season. 

Travel to Seattle

Have you heard of Seattle Mariners? Well, I would never miss visiting their world famous Sateco Field. Among baseball parks, Sateco Field is among those considered as built with premier facilities. This place also has a ballpark open only to the public as luxury suites, visitor’s clubhouse, and press box. A walk of approximately duration of 1 hour is a mile distance covered in walking through the area.  

I felt in love with sea creatures during this travel. I made sure that I was able to meet the orca whales. The calls of the whales made you feel life underwater. It could possibly make every listener think that there should be extra care needed in making use of the bodies of water. There were also glowing jellyfish. I also saw sea anemone and touched its soft tentacles and sea others. All of these were found in the Seattle Aquarium where all that was there to discover is that you never run out of fun if you are delighted by the place.

This place is commonly prioritized by tourist to visit since it is where concept of farm markets originated. It started on 1907 and called the Pike Place Market. The absolute development of the place made this an icon. The whole year round there are 200 businesses operating therein. I saw a number of craftspeople and there were farmer booths. We were also entertained by musicians and street performers. Assorted products were also available from fish to pastries and fruits. There were also handmaid cheese and locally made honey and wines. Around the corner are variety of restaurants, shops for imported goods, collectibles and antiques.

Travel to Seattle

Have you ever seen Seattle from a duck? This was the most hilarious experience I ever had in my visit to Seattle. I suggest that you should not miss this one if you got to tour around Seattle. There were Maritime Captains who took us to Emerald City in a musical tour. There was so much fun indeed! The fun-filled experience chooses no age. Everybody will have fun and enjoy riding the World War II amphibian vehicles which will tour you around the magnificent view of Seattle not only from land but water as well courtesy of the riding the ducks of Seattle.

A zoo that takes care of animals like peacocks, penguins, wolves, walrus, polar bears is a place which should not miss your list of places to visit in Seattle. There were also seahorses and even sharks all in one places. Can you imagine how vast the place is? Yes, it was really a large space I saw with 29 acres but it still seemed small for all those animals there that tourists can get close to them. Animals have their keepers and they were allowed to stroll around for visitors to have a benefit of seeing them closely. This place was really great especially for animal lovers.

Travel to Seattle

Brace yourself from days of roaming around Seattle witnessing all its wonderful places. Never forget that Seattle is also a home for musical diversity. There is this Experience Music Project wherein your preferred music can be found here. You can also meet the makers of the music on stage.

Seattle has been a place exhibiting modern age co-existing with nature. To witness untouched nature settled within a distance to a society that is rapidly growing is a manifestation of their love for nature. The places I visited were unforgettable. Knowing that Seattle is not only a home for technology in a developed society but also a home for nature enthusiasts, I made it a point that my visit to this place will also be a mixture of both. By this way, I could see the entirety of Seattle and its people.  

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