Tips Before You Visit San Bernardino Mountains

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One of the most beautiful places to be is the San Bernardino Mountains, this is a part of Nature that still have its natural vegetation, animals, birds and plants.  This is a rugged and high mountain range that is located in the Southern California in the United States of America. It is situated in the north and northeast of the San Bernardino which spans two different counties in California. The mountain is the tallest peak with 3,502 m in Southern California which is why it is a favorite for a lot of hikers and those who love skiing.

San Bernardino Mountains

This is the reason why it is today a major tourist attraction site. This mountain came about so many millions of years ago by the tectonic activity that happened along the San Andreas Fault and it is one of the  most amazing places to be. The mountain is a home to a lot of rivers origin which is why it has a lot of precipitation than its surrounding deserts.  And its uniqueness makes it maintain its biodiversity all year round. There are indigenous people who are still dwelling in this part of the world. And hunting is carried out in the summer.

In the late 1700s, the Spanish explorers were the first to visit here who named the eponymous San Bernardino Valley that is at its base.  And then there was an increase in the number of European settlers around this area until 1860 and when there was a gold rush, more people join as settlers.  The recreational development of this mountain began in the 1900s and then there was new irrigation reservoirs built for the people.

San Bernardino Mountains

Today, this place has become a huge area for tourists who are visiting this part of the world for various reasons. This is either they are tourist who need a quiet place for their vacation or tourist who would want to take their sporting activities to another level. The water activity is not forgotten in this mountain as there are lots of things a tourist can do around and in the water of the mountain. Fishing is also welcomed making it a wonder land.

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The vast tourist development that is still taking place in the region has made it an important wildlife and plant kingdom. San Bernardino Mountains is considered alongside the nearby San Jacinto and San Gabriel as a sky island. This means the plants and animals that are seen in this region vary from those we see in the surrounding areas of the semi arid lands. However, it is San Bernardino Mountains that is the largest forested region and have more than 1,600 plant species.

San Bernardino Mountains

For those who are visiting this area, they can see a lot of animal species that are about 440 and also endangered species that include Mountain yellow-legged frog, Southern Rubber Boa, San Bernardino flying squirrel, California Spotted Owl, and Andrew's marbled butterfly.  There are so many camps that you can visit and they are maintained by the National Forest Service. 


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