Top Five Travel Destinations In America

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The United States is a popular tourist’s destination with millions of holiday makers travelling there for holiday each year. While cities like New York and Florida are already well known travel destinations, there are other destinations that have been attracting tourist over the years. American holidays are usually good thanks to the availability of site attractions, hotels and other amenities like internet and spas. There are beach locations as well as inland locations all with a lot to do if you are a visitor to the US. There can be no lack for what to do and that is why these five destinations have been attracting more visitors than other places over the years.

New York City, New York

New York

New York City is huge when it comes to attractions and it is a favourite destination for travelers to the US.  Visitors to the city can come and go without visiting places like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Museum of the Arts. Accommodation in this city may not be as affordable as in other cities but budget travelers can always find something comfortable.

Chicago, Illinois


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In 2014, over 50 million visitors travelled to Chicago and the number is ever increasing. This major tourist destination has a lot of attractions for visitors. There are beaches, architecture, museums, parks, theatres and loads of entertainment. Major attractions include Willis Tower, Navy Pier, Shedd aquarium and many others.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco

If you decide to visit San Francisco, you can be sure you will go back smiling. This is one city that can leave no one bored. There are beaches and parks as well as plenty of sports and recreation activities. You could take a view of the city from great heights when you use the cable car system. Other site attractions include the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz Island, Museum of the Arts and a host of others. Accommodation can be no problem in this city where people of different budget levels live side by side.

Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

When most people hear of Las Vegas, they think of gambling and partying. Yes, gambling is big in this city and it definitely attracts high profile gamblers year round. However, there is more to do in Las Vegas than gamble. Even just walking on the streets of the city is enough entertainment for anyone. Then again you can visit the Madalay Bay to admire the biggest sharks you have ever seen or you can do some hiking on the Red Rock Canyon.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans

This city which was named after the Duke of Orleans who was a regent to French king Louis XV happens to be the biggest city in Louisiana and home to one of the major ports in the United States. Tourism is a big thing in this city as more than a third of the economy is generated through tourism. Major attractions include the Mardi Gras festival, the Butterfly garden, the National World War II museum and a host of others. Accommodation will never be a problem with the wide variety of hotels and resorts available for all budget levels.



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