Top Ten Most Beautiful Destinations In America

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The United States of America is indeed a very beautiful destination that attracts thousands of visitors around the world yearly. Once, it was erroneously believed that the streets in America were built with gold by those from the developing countries until television was invented.

America may not be a golden continent but there are lots of cities in America that are built to be iconic and very beautiful. These cities include;

Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, Wyo.

grand tetons

Grand Teton Mountain is a beautiful destination to be. There are lots of things that you can do here, engagement, skiing, anniversary and tourism. Some said it is the most beautiful place in America.

Newport, R.I.

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The historic mansions, wharfs and the Cliff Walk make Newport a place to be.  This coastal town has a lot of things to boast of; a spectacular landscape, a downtown location that is vibrant and a home that attracts tourists.

Asheville, N.C.


There is the Pisgah National Forest that is tucked with the city in the Appalachian Mountains; considered to be the oldest mountains on earth.  The Blue Ridge Parkway is spectacular and there are outstanding landscapes that have made Asheville a very beautiful place.

Destin, Fla.


In Florida’s Northern panhandle lays Destin, Fla, a seaside town that has white sands, dramatic sunsets and great seashore.

Cape Cod, Mass.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a popular vacation spot during the summer. It was the Kennedy family that brought the beauty of Cape Cod to limelight. It has beaches and Race Point has become where you see so many tourists.  You can witness the sunset from the National Sea Shore.

Point Reyes, Calif.

Point Reyes

You cannot miss Point Reyes National Seashore that houses a lot of wildlife.  It is a destination to hike, jump on horsebacks, camp and do a lot more. The Pacific Ocean can be viewed from here.


Aspen, Colo.


During the winter period, hundreds flock to Aspen which is a mountain city for outdoor games like fly fishing, rafting, mountain biking, hiking and lots more. The Pyramid Peak is a magnificent place to stand and it is a part of the Maroon Bells summits. Every part of Ashen exposes beauty from the snow covered to red rock scenes.

Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

lanikai beach

A strip of hidden paradise is what Lanikai Beach is. It has soft, white and bright sands, blue and clear waters and a perfect place for romantic picnic. A lot of people rush to this beach to get married.

Sedona, Ariz.


The Red Rocks makes Sedona one of the America’s natural beauties.  It is a romantic place and  have settings that would blow your mind.

Sleeping Bear Dunes, Mich.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

A peaceful and serene place is the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. It is one of America’s best kept destination secrets.  

These ten destinations are great to visit, yet it is not everyone who has been opportune to visit them. There are more beautiful places than these locations but these places were chosen because they are friendly, quiet and naturally beautiful.


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