Train Ticket From New York To Washington Dc

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New York

New York's Central Park is clean, nice, and especially huge. It gives a sense of peace and tranquillity in a mega city like New York, where it is really hard to find a place for relaxation.

Train Ticket From New York to Washington DC

Washington DC

A place worth visiting in Washington DC and of great impact is the statue of Lincoln Memorial. The Reflecting Pool is well looked after and the obelisk in front makes it even more beautiful.

Here are the available modes of transport from New York to Washington DC.

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Train Ticket From New York to Washington DC

Take the Amtrak train from New York Penn station to Washington DC. The travel time is three hours at a cost of US$190. To get the details, visit:

Train Ticket From New York to Washington DC

Bus Ticket From New York to Washington DC

The distance between New York to Washington DC is 370 km. There are two bus rides to complete to reach Washington DC from New York. First, take the Megabus ride that is bound to Baltimore. From here, take the Megabus (Line Baltimore and Philadelphia) bound to Washington DC. The travel time is six hours at a cost of US$10.

If you choose to drive; the travel time is four hours.

Airplane Ticket From New York to Washington DC

If you fly from New York to La Guardia Airport via US Airways or Delta Air Lines, the travel time is one hour and 30 minutes at a cost of US$350. 

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