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Travel To  VegasMy friends and I went to Las Vegas as part of our plan to visit some of the popular cities of the world. We had heard so much about this city that our experience cemented the truths. One thing I can assure you is that you cannot go to Las Vegas and not have fun. Although we wanted to be in this fascinating city for as long as we could, our pockets dictated otherwise so we were there for three days only. Even then, we made the most of these few days by coming up with an itinerary as opposed to doing a random tour of the city and its attractions. Our three days were fun filled as we engaged in tried out playing slots that left me a little broke. We also has a picture of the three of us taken in front of the Fabulous Las Vegas sign, spent some time at the Voodoo Lounge where we indulged in some drinks while enjoying fantastic view and good music and went shopping at the Forum shops at Caesar’s palace.

One of the places that we went to is The Strip that is popular for the numerous topless bars, shops, tattoo parlors, casinos, restaurants as well as wedding chapels. The Strip is one of the must see places in Las Vegas but you must be prepared to walk and walk by wearing comfortable shoes. It also has more attractions than any other place in Vegas. It is an ideal place for people watching and shopping among many other things.

We did not miss on Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace that is a busy shopping mall whose architectural design is a reflection of ancient Rome. This is a great place if you are looking for an ultimate shopping experience in Las Vegas as it is home to all brand names that you can think of. The only setback for us was the fact that we had travelled on a budget and the goods here are expensive so did not indulge in much of the shopping.

Watching the Bellagio Fountains was another amazing experience. This is because these fountains put up a show that Travel To Las Vegasis timed to some music choreography at a 15-minute and 30 minute intervals. This is a great place to stop after a long walk on the strip. You will be surprised by how that water dances to music as well as the height that it shoots into the air. The Blue Man Group was another highlight of our travel to Las Vegas. This imaginative show is a combination of flashy special effects, percussion driven music as well as instruments that are made out of plastic piping that create a powerful visual extravaganza. The show is quite entertaining and you can be sure of a huge crowd. The show is definitely worth the cost and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

We also went to the Valley of Fire State Park that is very beautiful. I strongly recommend this attraction for hiking and camping enthusiasts as the views are scenic. We got a map from the ranger station that enabled us to see it all. We scrambled around some of the rocks that offer lots of fun for not only adults but also children and those who are youthful. This park is an amazing place to be as there are lots of incredible shapes and colors. Our love for nature also led us to Lake Mead National Recreation Area that is ideal for swimmers, boaters, photographers, hikers, sightseers and campers. We hired a pontoon from the Las Vegas Boat Harbor and we had super fun cruising around the Lake. We also had an opportunity to see the back area of the Hoover Dam as well as the beautiful landscape. Later we had our lunch as we enjoyed this great scenery. We later proceeded to the Hoover Dam that is on the border of Nevada and Arizona. We rented a car to drive around and the experience was truly rewarding. We also walked around as we took photos from different sides of the dam. The visitor center at Hoover Dam is also a great place and while here, we watched a movie. It is important to know that food is not allowed beyond the security checkpoint.

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign is another must see attraction that is worth visiting. The vintage sign that stands at 25 feet tall is at the beginning of the Las Vegas Strip. Surprisingly, this sign is not very large but it is a classic that comes to mind when you think of Las Vegas. There are so many people stopping by to take snaps so when arrived here we waited for our turn. It was entertaining to see groups of people doing funny things under this sign that is deemed to be the most popular in the world. The entire experience is thrilling.

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The Grand Canal shoppes at The Venetian is also a great place to visit especially if you are looking forward to a luxurious indoor shopping experience. This centre has over 70 upscale boutiques as well as world class restaurants that are strategically located around Venice’s Grand Canal. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is interested in seeing the amazing replica of Venice. You can take a break from walking by opting for Gondola Rides at the Venetian. The rides last between 15-20 minutes and you have the liberty of choosing between the indoor option and the outdoor option. We went for the outdoor option where we experienced the sunshine as well as the wind.

We also went down Fremont Street Experience that is a five-block mall that is frequented by pedestrians. This street also has a vibrant nightlife with numerous casinos. In fact, we found ourselves hopping from one casino to the other besides enjoying the amazing performances by street performers. We really had a great time walking on this street.

Las Vegas comes to life at night that has made it to be christened the city that never sleeps. Interestingly, Las Vegas is famous for its night activities that attract more people than the day activities because you will never run out of entertainment options. Some of the must see places that make up Las Vegas night life include casinos and strip clubs that have also earned this city another name; sin city. We too wanted to have a feel of Las Vegas by night and I can guarantee you that if you are fond of night entertainment then you definitely will do well to visit Las Vegas. We purchased the nightclub crawl pass that allowed as access to several clubs so we went club hopping even as we skipped lines and enjoyed few drinks. In Las Vegas, the party does not stop so after hours of club hopping and having so much fun we went back to our hotel. By the time our three days in Vegas came to an end we were yearning for an extra day, as there is so much we had not explored but this gave us a reason to plan for another visit. You definitely cannot go wrong with a Las Vegas holiday and I strongly recommend this destination.


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