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travel to los angelesLos Angeles is one of the destinations that I have been longing to visit since I was a teenager. It was not until this year that I realized this dream as I made my maiden trip to this city that is influential in the entertainment industry as well as other areas like media, culture and international trade among others. One of the reasons I chose to travel to Los Angeles for my vacation is my love for motion pictures that created in me a yearning for the suburb that is home of celebrities and some of the world’s greatest productions.

Knowing too well that such trips are not enjoyed well when alone, I decided to tag along my best friend with whom I share many interests. This meant that we would have to share costs as well as develop a comprehensive itinerary together. Regarding our accommodation, we stayed at the Magic Castle Hotel because it is in a prime location that allows ease of access to restaurants, the Chinese theatre among other attractions. We stayed close to the Magic Castle and had the opportunity of visiting it.

When we began our journey, we had hoped that our travel to Los Angeles will be an amazing experience and indeed, it was. We went to a number of places and engaged in various activities that completed our holidays perfectly. A visit to the Griffith Observatory soon after our arrival was a great way to begin our tour of Los Angeles. Access to this observatory that offers public telescopes, exhibits, a bookstore, a café and a planetarium does not require any admission fee. While here we were able to watch the sun set as well as enjoy other amazing views of the city of Los Angeles that we were yet to see. We also got lots of information on planets and space.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is another great place that I can recommend to you is you are visiting Los Angeles. This concert hall is sophisticated and this is reflected in the seating design as well as the acoustics. The concert hall offers ambitious programming even though you must purchase a ticket in order to enjoy the music. We both love Jazz and classical music and were extremely delighted to be treated to an awesome performance during our visit. While in Los Angeles, you also must consider going to the Hollywood Bowl that not only offers a great scenery but also great music. In fact, it is ideal for a picnic thus, you will do well to bring along a blanket as we later learnt. It is particularly great treat if you visit during summer.

We could not leave Los Angeles before going to the Universal Studios that also include a theme park as well as city walk entertainment area comprising shopping, dining, cinemas and concerts. Not only did we go on a tour of this famous movie studio but also had a chance to enjoy movie themed live shows and rides that are based on TV and movie properties like the Simpsons, Shrek and Revenge of the mummy. The transformers ride that was unveiled this year was fantastic. The studio tour that is also a tram tour lasted 45 minutes and it includes some exposure to various experiences of special effect that included new King Kong 360 3D attraction. We were also able to see the sound stages where TV shows, music videos and movies are filmed. It was thrilling to see some of the buildings that we have only been seeing in movies. Tickets to the Universal Studios vary in cost as well as perks even though they all guarantee you access to the park. A visit to the Universal Studios will leave you smiling and laughing all day.

We also went to the Bradbury Building that is situated in downtown Los Angeles and is a historical gem. Even then, you should not expect much as you can only view the first floors and the atrium that is made of wood and iron that made us feel like we are stepping back in time. You should definitely visit this building next time you are in Los Angeles as it is a must see attraction. We also had an amazing time at the Battleship USS Iowa BB-61 that is the only US Navy ship that has the only IOWA class which served in Korean War and World War II, has a bathtub that was built for president Roosevelt and was reactivated for the 1980s cold war. The battleship offers a special experience that words may not describe sufficiently.

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You also need to consider going to the Getty Centre that is a spectacular museum hosting an impressive collection by some of the respected artists like Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet among others. We also had the opportunity to enjoy some amazing bistro style foods that were available for purchase. Even then, I think the management of the garden needs to come up with a good layout that will offer guidance on getting around without going to places that are out of bound.

Ever thought of skydiving? We went for this experience that can only be summed up by three words adventure, adrenaline and excitement. We had a flight experience like no other after watching a brief video that communicates the instructions. Most importantly, there is also a trainer on standby to ensure that you are safe. Away from flying, we also went for a walk at the Venice Canals Walkway even as we enjoyed great views of interesting houses. Among the outstanding houses is one that looks as though it is from Hobbit and the other that is made of glass. We also went to the Venice Beach Boardwalk where you can be sure to find something that will surprise you. On our part, we discovered some tantalizing cuisine at a very affordable cost. In addition, we also got to enjoy some great live music as well as watch street performers do their thing. We also rented bikes and took to some riding around the beach.

We also found it good to get in touch with nature by visiting the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens that houses over one thousand mammals, amphibians, and birds as well as reptiles that include some endangered species. This is a great place especially for kids and we got to spend an entire day here. I can also recommend a walk down Sunset Strip especially for those people who are not interested in bar hopping or clubbing because there is so much you can do on this street. Here we got to do a bit of shopping as well as visit some of the greatest bookstores you can find in Los Angeles. As our travel to Los Angeles trip came to a close I was saddened because we had not bumped into any of the Hollywood celebrities. However, this is not to say that our trip was not worthwhile because every moment spent in Los Angeles was amazing that I am already considering going back.

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