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Travel to ManhattanManhattan is the most glamorous city of the world. It is one of the five boroughs of the New York City. Manhattan is famous for its liveliness and sparkling beauty. The city looks exceptionally beautiful at night. You could never take off your eyes from the view. The lighting in the evening takes its glamour to another level. The magnificence of Manhattan is far ahead of any explanation. This gorgeous city has faced many troubles in the past but hats-off to the courage of its residents for putting tons of efforts to bring life back to the track. I wanted to see this city for a long time. Finally, I visited Manhattan with my boyfriend. It’s been three months now but we are still in the hangover of the beauty of Manhattan. It’s a wonderful city that is going to stay in our memories forever. I am very excited to share my experience with you all. bigsmile3 Travel to Manhattan

Manhattan has been divided into three parts: Uptown, Downtown and Midtown. Actually, the downtown is the southern part of the city and the uptown is the northern part of the city. The landmarks of Manhattan are famous all around the world. It is very interesting to take a glimpse of the famous buildings and monuments of this city. These buildings and monuments reveal the best of architectural creativity. We decided to start with the downtown. This area is also called as lower Manhattan. You could see the most appealing and famous landmarks of the city in this area. Wall Street was the first place that we visited in Lower Manhattan. It is the heart of Manhattan. The New York Stock exchange is situated in Wall Street. It was very interesting to watch such highly significant building. Wall Street is also home to the famous Federal Hall. It is the place where George Washington pledged as the president of the USA. Wall Street is full of history and some great architectural beauties. Watching some of the most imperative buildings of the USA was a great experience.Travel to Manhattan

The famous Trinity Church is also located in this area. We decided to visit it. The history of Trinity Church is very interesting. The first building of Trinity Church was built in 1698. It was caught in fire and got destroyed. After that, second building was constructed which was ruined by the blustery weather of the winter season of 1838-39. Now, there is the third building of Trinity Church. It was constructed in 1846. At that time, it was the tallest building of New York. We knew about the history of this church and it made it more interesting to be around this place. The building of this church is very impressive. The bronze doors make it very unique. The interior is splendid. You could feel the eternal peace and calm inside this church. There is a museum which describes the history of Trinity Church. It also exhibits impressive artwork describing the changing trends of culture and religion. Outside the church, there is a tree sculpture made up of huge sycamore which was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. Being in thin church was a brilliant experience.Travel to Manhattan

City Hall is another significant building in lower Manhattan. It’s a gleaming white building which serves as the office of the city mayor. The building is encircled by a gorgeous park. There is copiousness of shady trees where you can sit. The park has a beautiful fountain. There are many interesting structures near City Hall. Brooklyn Bridge is the best example. This bridge is one of the finest bridges of the world. It is also one of the oldest suspension bridges of USA.  We had hired a taxi and we decided to experience a drive on this wonderful bridge. It was truly a great experience. The surroundings add to the appeal of this precious bridge. Some incredible views of lower Manhattan and Midtown could be seen from this bridge. You don’t have to pay any toll to drive on it. We also saw some superb views of New York harbor. Brooklyn Bridge is an imperial piece of architectural ingenuity and it offers splendid views of the city and the neighborhood.Travel to Manhattan

Lower Manhattan is the gateway to the Liberty Island where the world famous Statue of Liberty is sited. You could reach the Liberty Island by ferry. We didn’t want to miss the chance of Watching Statue of Liberty; so we decided to take a ferry ride to see this marvelous statue. The Statue of Liberty is a real wonder. We were fascinated to watch this huge statue. It is the freedom icon of the USA. Statue of Liberty is one of the most magnificent architectural attractions of the world. Getting inside this statue was the most wonderful experience of my life. The interior was fabulous. We went onto the crown of the statue. There are windows from where you could see the mind-blowing views of New York and Manhattan. This was a fascinating experience.Travel to Manhattan

We also visited the Empire State Building. It is the third tallest building of the USA. We were amazed to see such tall building. The American Society of Civil engineers has enlisted this building in the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. It is one of the most magnificent architectures of America. This building looks amazing with glowing LEDs at night. There are over 16 million LED’s which glows at night to make this building look outstanding. A night view of this building would add an ecstasy to your travel.Travel to Manhattan

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Our visit to the World Trade Center site was an unforgettable experience. This site is known as National September 11 memorial and museum. It is located on the former location of the Twin Towers.  This place commemorates those 3000 people who were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attack. The names of the martyrs are inscribed on the bronze plates attached to the walls of the memorial. We also saw the survivor tree. This tree was recovered when the recovery workers had lost all the hopes to find anything alive on the site of the World Trade Center. This tree had burnt badly and was left with only one living branch. This tree symbolizes hope and rebirth. It’s an emotional symbol for many people. This museum is a wonderful tribute to the victims of that dreadful attack.Travel to Manhattan

We visited almost every major attraction of Lower Manhattan. After this, we decided to see the sights of the Midtown area. There are many splendid parks and Museums in this area. We visited Greenacre Park. It’s a lush green park with a gorgeous waterfall. This park is exceedingly beautiful. There are many tables to sit and relax. There is also a small tea shop where you could enjoy the sip of tea and a snack bar which serves delicious food. The flower beds would refresh your mind. We sat near the waterfall and enjoyed our time. There is another park named as Bryant Park in Midtown. If you want to relax in a place that has some glorious buildings around it; then visit this park. This park offers the facility of free wireless internet to the visitors. Some excellent views of the surrounding skyscrapers could be seen from this park. It’s a nice place to calm your mind.Travel to Manhattan

Manhattan shows its real glamour at night. The skyscraping buildings look exceptionally stunning with the floodlights and glowing LEDs at night. We spent our most beautiful evenings in Manhattan. The eye-catching beauty of the surroundings always makes your experience delightful. The wonderful nightlife of Manhattan is a bonus for the tourists. Manhattan made our vacations memorable.Travel to Manhattan


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