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Travel to San FranciscoWhenever my fiancée and I go on vacation, we usually ensure that we do prior planning so as not to miss on any fun or any interesting activity due to unpreparedness because chances of a repeat visit are slim. This year we decided to travel to San Francisco and after months of planning, we are glad we had the best of times. From our experience, San Francisco is a city full of life and so much to do for both visitors and residents that includes including beaches and spectacular scenery that offers truly top global travel experiences that you can think of.

San Francisco is hilly hence there are numerous ways of getting around such as riding a bicycle or a cable car. My fiancée and I love adventure thus, we opted for both options. Riding a cable car is not only fun but also historic. The advantage of using this option is that you are guaranteed of seeing major landmarks. Moreover, we also got amazing views of Alcatraz when the car went done the steep hills.

One of the places that you must go to when you travel to San Francisco is Fisherman’s Wharf that is touristy. This is also the place where you can take the ferry to Alcatraz besides seeing the famous sea lions and an inviting view of the Golden Gate. While here, we ate a bowl od clam chowder that was served with a big sour dough bun. We also went to Chinatown that is also considered to comprise the largest Chinese community away from china. Although the place is a hive of activity we managed to sit down and enjoy a meal as well as take to some tea tasting that was such an amazing experience.

We also took a walk to the North beach on one of the afternoons. This beach is truly a great place to be as if offers lots of options that made our San Francisco beach experience. This beach has a diverse café culture, bookstores, some of the best Italian restaurants as well as colorful characters that give it life. A tour of Alcatraz is also one those experiences that you must not miss when you visit San Francisco. This place is accessible by a ferry ride that is a great journey. While here we went to the infamous Alcatraz prison that has since been converted to a museum. This tour was more than a federal penitentiary as it is educational and informative.

The Golden Gate Bridge is also a must visit attraction in San Francisco even though it is not necessarily the oldest, newest, highest or tallest. This bridge is perfect for photo memoirs as well as walking tours that are aimed at helping you to have an understanding of the difficulty in building this one of a kind structure as well as find out why it is compelling to many people. We opted to ride on this bridge both ways even though you have the option of riding to Sausalito and returning by ferry. One thing I can guarantee you is that the views from the Golden Gate Bridge are out of this world and this made me understand why it is one of the most photographed bridges.

We also went hiking on Lands End even though this is a brief trip from downtown. This walk was quite therapeutic as we enjoyed spectacular views of the Golden Gate entrance as well as the remains of historic Sutro baths. The good thing about it is that you do not have to pay any fee to access it. Equally rewarding is the AT&T Park where we had an informative tour as we walked through the visitors’ clubhouse, dugout, field, Tony Bennett’s luxury box as well as the Giants hall of fame. I liked this tour so much that I would do it again.

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The San Francisco Magic Show is also another experience that you must include in your itinerary because you are guaranteed of jaw dropping entertainment that is hilarious and suitable for all ages. The performance is quite energetic with mind-blowing illusions that will leave you in stitches.

If you are a fan of Walt Disney then you will do well to go to the Walt Disney Family Museum. This museum is especially dedicated to the times and life of Walt as well as his family and those who were close to him. It is amazing to see the range of items and artifacts from his birth to death on display. These are in the form of video as well as photo exhibits among other items. We also spared some time to check out the Grace Cathedral that is the home of Episcopal tradition. The interior of this cathedral is magnificent and the experience was awesome even though we had to remove our shoes as this tradition is believed to usher you in a meditative state.

The Presidio National Park is another attraction worth visiting while in San Francisco as it is characterized by hiking, walking and biking trails as well as stunning views and beautiful beaches. While here, we wished we had gone on a picnic as the environment is totally refreshing and relaxing. You cannot leave San Francisco without going to the shopping streets that include Market and Powell streets as well as the streets around Union Square. After this visit we went to the Cheese factory at Macy’s rooftop where we indulged in cheesecake.

Although we were not so much into entertainment because by evening we were too tired from the day’s movement from one attraction to the other, we managed to stay out late at the Rrazz Room that offers food and drinks as well as some great jazz performances. This was truly a good way to unwind. Our San Francisco experience was so great that memories of this trip are still fresh in our minds months after our return hence I recommend this destination to anyone planning to go there for their vacation.

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