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Country: Vietnam City: Ha Noi
Suite 405, B13 Building, Sai Dong, Long Bien, Hanoi, Vietnam Ha Noi 00084 Ha Noi Vietnam
Contact: 0436740487 Or [email protected]

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Indochina Travel - Indochinavalue is a trustworthy tour operator in Vietnam. We specialize in private and tailor made Vietnam Tours, Indochina Tours

    Why IndochinaValue?

Why choose Indochinavalue?

vietnam travel

1. Trustworthy Travel Company in Vietnam

We are trustworthy Vietnam tour operator (not travel agent/booking agent) with business licence: 0104000493 and International Tour Operator License: 01-258/2010. Member of Vietnam national administration of tourism

2. Free itinerary design

We create your travel itinerary until it meets your budget and your personal insights without any charges, no matter how many changes you make.

3. Prompt reply in 0.5-12 hours

You will never have to wait for our responses because the Sun never stops shining at Indochinavalue.

4. 1 on 1 private travel consultant

Direct contact: When you contact or book with  Indochinavalue you are dealing with one person only who will provide you with the latest updates as well as quickly access the best deals in the region. The result: faster, more direct replies and fantastic savings.

5. Tailor made, private tour with flexibility

Create your own unique holiday with the help of the local experts. Whether you seek action and adventure, cultural odysseys, classic highlights, off the beaten track or simply flopping on divine beaches, we can meet your needs. The wealth of options featured on our website is just a taster of what we can do and can be easily customized to suit you.

6. Best available prices

We do not believe that you should pay a premium for excellent service and "outstanding holidays". It is our policy to keep prices as low as possible. By its nature,high quality long haul holidays are not cheap, therefore when comparing your options, we are confident that our holidays and tours represent excellent value for money.

7. Local Knowledge

We are based in Indochina so we know exactly about the products that we sell and about our country. Again, we are flexible, understanding, creative and professional and take customer service very seriously.  Last, but not least, we love our jobs and are passionate about Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos! . This invaluable local knowledge enables us to recommend the best places on your tailor-made Indochina tours.

8. Authentic Experiences

We take you to the hidden spots, introduce you to the locals and give you a true experience. Your guaranteed to get a sense of the culture and return home with unforgettable memories.

9. Informed Advice

We don’t just send you a program that is mass produced, we listen to your requests and create a new program for each traveler.

10. Our Customer Care

Our philosophy is that: The most expensive tour is the tour that runs below expectations which we pay for our images, compensation, refund and you pay for time, money and dissatisfactions ... Therefore, Indochinavalue's mission is to be the best of the best!

11. Accommodations

We select accommodations appropriate to the type of programs offered and client preference but good in quality and location. This can vary from the charm of a local guesthouse to select boutique hotels brimming with local character to five star hotels and luxury beach and mountain resorts. We work diligently to maintain close ties to a wide variety of hotel properties nation-wide so that we are always positioned to offer customers the best possible range of accommodations.

12. Our Transportation - We retain the services of an exclusive transportation fleet including automobiles from standard to luxury models. Depending on group size we also utilize air-conditioned buses from minivans to motor coaches, accommodating 4 to 45 depending on your needs. All of our transportaions have insurance and guarantee with the safety regulations.

13. Our outstanding tour guides

At Indochinavalue, we make the recruitment and retention of world class tour guides and group leaders a priority. Recruited region- wide, they possess elite university backgrounds, most with multi-lingual capabilities. They are eager to share with you their wealth of knowledge of the traditions and people of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.


14. Responsible Travel

Indochinavalue promotes and practices sustainable tourism principles. We work hard to empower local communities and ensure that both they and our clients benefit from our tours. We are constantly seeking new ways to bring clients closer to local cultures and encourage two-way cultural exchange of which home-stay/Markets experience is one of the best offers. Up to now, we have built one house for a poor family in Bac Giang province and trained their son to be a driver for our company (Mr Trung, you may meet him on tour). We are also running a cost free Vietnam tour guide training course to train students to be tour guides so they can find a job when they graduate.

15. Your Brand Protected (For Travel Companies)

Today, Indochinavalue is the choice of a rapidly growing number of discerning tour operators in Europe, and since we enjoy the privilege of having cultivated partnerships. Indochinavalue takes seriously our commitment to protecting and enhancing YOUR brand name. When your customer travels with us, they are traveling with your agency. Think of us as “guardian angels” whose sole mission is to protect the integrity of your company while providing your customers with an unparalleled Vietnam and Indochina traveling experience. For partnerships, please contact us at: [email protected]

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