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Country: Vietnam City: Hanoi
No 2 Alley 155/116 Truong Chinh Road, Thanh Xuan District Hanoi 10000 Vietnam
Contact: +84962512796 Or [email protected]

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Asia Tourism Holiday is a private tour company base in Hanoi capital city, Vietnam. We are absolutely a good local tour organizer who specialize in customized, private tours to group tours, from easy grade to moderation and hard adventure throughout Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and lately Myanmar. Our Dynamic and experience team has archived a high proficiency of foreign languages. Since dedicated for our tour organization, all are well training with full inspiration for travel, solidarity side by side at work combine with solid internal management all target on one goal are  making every single journey of clients are enjoyable.

For foreign visitors able to experience authentic local culture when passing through diffferent regions. Asia Tourism Holiday company garentee to offer a cluster of tours packages which have been carefully inspected and well designed. Tours focus on discovery what's authentic local culture at slow pace; passing lush country side, from remote mountain to lower land regions. Escape from busy city to beauty peaceful villages, where a local family will host your stay in friendly environment, you can grab bicycle to explore the country side. Have great fun participating cultivation activities with farmers and experience cooking authentic local cuisine, great moment to share life experience with each others. Especially it is still not miss highlights cross out countries. you will experience difference kinds of accommodation such as basic local homestay, bungalow in country side to superior, deluxe and even luxury resort to relax for recharging energy. For sure enjoys us with this features will leave unforgettable memories for life.

Homestay Trekking Tours
Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is definitely a great countries for experiencing local home stay and trekking holiday. Due to natural favorable a really beautiful mountain landscape alternative with diversify culture are scattering long the country. There is no better way to immerse in local culture than experiencing villages home stay from remote places in high mountain region down to lower land. Here would be wonderful chance for cultural exchange in authentic local culture environment. This will also offer the visitor great a view about how local inhabitance live and make a living on paddy field. Amenities of our homestay are absolutely acceptable with hot shower; some are shared with the host family. Toilets are usually western-style, but expect some squat toilets in more remote areas. Enjoy us with this type of tour productions will be peaceful of mind and leave a great life memories  

Homestay & Easy Cycling Tours
Home stay combine with easy cycling is soft adventure ideally holiday, that combines with easy travel activity, with culture and natural beauty; this is the trip must choose! The places we choose to operate these kinds of trip is the gateway to beautiful rural places or amazing natural landscape mix with authentic local culture. That area confirms all the postcard fantasies – Limestone Mountains overlooking peaceful valleys, terraced rice paddies and traditional villages. Take this trip is no rush, hassle free and completely leave noisy be hide to get really close to local culture environment. Easy cycling distance is 15 to 20 km half day, 40 km for whole day this grade is suitable for multiply ages, we actually don’t want to use modern trek bike, because of the road are flat and the riding distance is long enough for those kind of bike, especially basic Vietnamese bike is friendly with local culture environment.  

Homestay Combination Tours
 ASIA TOURISM HOLIDAY are carefully inspected, researching the area are still well preserve the real local culture, where must be able to connected with almost beauty attractions cross national wide,  to design a unique private combination tour packages. Combination term,  tours scheduel included most of highlights, but minimize noisy, crowd in touristy trap and maximized off beaten track to get close with real friendly local culture environment.  Core value of those tour productions is created experience in authentic local daily life culture in beaten track where still preserver traditional custom, beauty un touch places, but still not miss highlight long the country.Take this kind of combination trip throughout Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is sometime stay at the lower rate hotels in city and event upmarket resorts for relaxing. Emphasize of whole trip is experiencing the space between hotels in bustling city and nice, peace atmosphere in large space of lush country side of Vietnam where rustic and warm hospitality wait to host you as familiar.  


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