Eating Breakfast In The Small Alleys In Hanoi

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Bun Thang in Ha Noi alley

Bun Thang (Thang Noodle) in Ha Hoi alley

Bun Thang is available in many places in Hanoi. There are many famous places to eat Thang noodle such as: Cau Go, Cua Nam, Hang Hom. Etc…

That is an old thang noodle shop in a small alley. This shop is also crowed but not stuffy like other restaurant in the old street. The restaurant has both the seat inside and outside. Therefore, in the morning, coming here to have breakfast, people feel comfortable and relax, especially in the hot summer morning.

Like other place, Thang noodle in Ngoc Hoi has enough ingredients including: egg, chicken, meat-pie, dried radish, etc… The strong point of this restaurant is their broth which is delicious and easy-to-eat. Dried radish is not minced but kept in a long piece. In addition, this restaurant also serves beef noodle, chicken noodle for the customers having many choice. Each bow of noodle has the price of VND 25,000.

Bun Oc (Snail noodle) in Mai Huong alley

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Bun Oc (Snail noodle) in Mai Huong alley

If you are the inhabitants living surround Bach Mai Street, you surely know “Bun Oc” in Mai Huong alley which does not have the sign-board or any pretty common name but well-known tens of year.

The restaurant is so crowded that 4-5 people are not enough to serve for the customers in the morning. Many people joke that “Bun Oc” in Mai Huong alley can make everyone addict by its special taste. The hot broth with good smell of tomato, sweet but not brackish, together with the rustic and modest flavor of fried greaves are the special ingredients which you cannot find in other places but Mai Huong alley.

A bowl of noodle including all ingredients: beef, meat pie has the price of VND 30,000.

Bun moc (Meat-pie noodle) in Nguyen Che Nghia Street

Bun moc (Meat-pie noodle) in Nguyen Che Nghia Street

Although Nguyen Che Nghia is a street, many people consider it as a small alley located in Ham Long Street. Nguyen Che Nghia is a short and peaceful street. It brings the beauty of the old houses in ancient Hanoi. This street seems to be the most excited in the morning when the customers come here to have their breakfast.

That this restaurant is always crowded is not surprising because now, it is difficult to find a famous and delicious restaurant to eat a bowl of noodle with the price of VND 20,000 in Hanoi.

Low price is not the main feature to attract customers to come this restaurant. Noodle on Nguyen Che Nghia Street is really delicious. The broth here has the sweet taste of the water simmered from pork’s bone and the boiled chicken water. There are two main types of meat-pie noodle: moc gio and

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One more famous vietnamese street breakfast food item is banh mi "The Bammy". The balance of Maggi Sauce, pate, fried egg, fresh cilantro, fresh jalapeno and fresh daikon and carrots made so much sense in sawdust bread. I tried it during my travel in vietnam with Exotic Voyages.

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