Experience The Wintery Weather In Sapa

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There are a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists to Sapa this year, and many families have chosen to visit Sapa to celebrate the New Year.

Do you know Sapa of Vietnam? It is a famous destination for the visitors around the world. Winter here is the only place where have snow falling.


Coming to Sapa, tourists in Vietnam travel can mix the beautiful scenery, incredibly romantic, romantic - a beauty that has made concessions of awarded for this vacation paradise.


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In Sapa Vietnam, each season brings a beauty all its own charm visitors step. Winter, Sapa as a shy girl hiding in the blind fog all day. Not loud, not noisy like the other seasons, Sapa winter quiet, even more static ... but still many steps to attract tourists to explore, sweet taste of a cold highland - where winter is always a very early visit.


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Thousands of tourists flock to Sapa for Christmas or New Year to experience its wintery weather. The temperature can falls below zero degrees. The cold weather makes the destination more attractive. Tourists in Vietnam Tourism to Sapa will not be surprised from the colorful beauty of a town tucked in the floating clouds, magical.


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Sapa image with cathedral style French architecture stands in the mist as challenging as time to market situation offers unique Sapa's mountainous northwest. With spectacular Ham Rong mountain - create a masterpiece of the definition of carrying the rare phenomenon among the mountains of Vietnam to the Silver Falls from a height of 200m flowing form echoes the impressive mountains. With the top of Fansipan at the majestic height of 3.143m on the Hoang Lien Son range to the national cultural villages: Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Ta Van ... always impressive journey, a great place for all travelers in Vietnam travel.

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