Vietnamese Ao Dai In The Past And Now

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Ao Dai is the traditional costume of Vietnam. Through many ups and downs, Ao Dai has become a tunic attached image and pride of the Vietnamese people. To get the position today has experienced a long history with many memorable milestones.
History of Ao Dai

We are unable to determine the precise dating of Aodai as this traditional costume has experienced many vicissitudes of history. However, Ao Daihas seen the looming shadow in the carvings of the Ngoc Lu drum in the last few thousand years, dresses carvings of women wearing dresses with two sawns.

There are many people think that Vietnamese Ao Daihas origin from a cheongsam of Chinese women, but the first cheongsam appeared around 1920, and Vietnamese Ao Dai was made from very long ago. This proves that Ao Dai is the culture of Vietnam, belongs to Vietnamese people only. The most unique feature of Ao Dai is the two sawns.

It was not until the reign of King Gia Long (1802-1819), the new four-piece Ao Dai changed to close ranks, this time with a body shirt symbolizing the wearer. By 1884, when the court ruled Hue franchise in the hands of the French, Western culture was introduced into Vietnam and brought change to the Ao Dai. From here and walk different periods of time, Ao Dai reveals many of the new appearance like today.

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